Mobile Devices Drive Nearly Half of Ecommerce Traffic

Mobile Devices Drive Nearly Half of Ecommerce Traffic: A Brief Look

People are using their mobiles phones more for gathering information and shopping than ever before. The hand devices consist of tablets, smartphone and etc. and it has allowed marketers to reach out to new consumers and deliver varied services to satisfy their needs.

Mobile ecommerce has made a noticeable jump in the digital commerce sales and in the last few years, consumers have used their hand devices to shop from various sites.

Some Statistics:

  • According to IBM Digital Analytics Benchmark, traffic from mobile devices account for nearly 50% of overall online U.S. retail traffic. Online shopping rose over 10% last year during the Valentine’s Day, perhaps due to the freezing temperatures in parts of East and South. It is about 26.5 % high compared to the previous year.
  • Reports have stated that for the first time Japan and South Korea had about 50% of their ecommerce transactions on mobile.
  • Alibaba Group Holding Ltd, an ecommerce giant stated that their revenue generated from mobile devices was about 7.987 billion yuan, a figure that represents about 50.8% of the company’s overall revenue.
  • A comScore report stated that smartphones and tablets together now account for 60% of all online traffic and 51% of that traffic is generated by mobile apps.

The widespread use of tablets and smartphone has become a great blessing for online business owners. Mobile shoppers always want instant access to information and they can use their phones at home office, inside a store and do intensive research on any topic they are interested in.

They can use this tool to find local deals and do a quick comparison and shop in a swift and efficient manner. This has helped them to save both time and money. Many shoppers now browse various stores with their smartphones to gather information about the products before deciding to buy the items online.

With different applications available in the market that can be easily downloaded, mobile has become the prime means to gather any information and purchase products from online stores. Whether it is fashion, luxury, electronics or travel verticals, all items can easily be searched using a mobile device and you can purchase the desired items.

Shopping via smartphone also adds value to the shopping experience for the customers. Application developers are finding various ways to empower consumers so that they can take wise decisions before making any purchase. Buyers can now compare prices, check reviews and even get feedback on social media before they make any purchase.

                Avail Best Deals And Discounts

People using their mobile devices to shop products can often check for the best deals available before making the purchase. Many online stores offer special discounts to regular customers. Buyers don’t have to visit the site in personal to avail such benefits. They can easily purchase by checking the ads and personalized message sent to them.

Today, various mobile apps have become a great outlet for shoppers to take control of their path to purchase and it is time that retailers turn their focus to expand their digital presence in order to stay ahead of the curve and gain a comprehensive business benefit.

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