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We Create Innovative Mobile Solutions for Every Industry Vertical

Are you planning for better business operations or looking to enhance customer relations? If yes, then considering a mobile app development company to create a robust and performance intensive mobile app can help you to fulfill your dreams. But, for your app to succeed, you will need a proficient mobile application development team and IDS Logic is the best partner for you.

Amazing UI/ UX designs, powerful, agile app development, great user experience and innovative mobile business strategies is what our mobile app development team focuses on. If you are ready, then our mobile experts can create intuitive, well integrated, vibrant and streamlined solutions for global businesses in USA, Canada, Australia and the U.K. that can help you to reach global audience.

Our Mobile App Development Approach

Business Analysis

Initially our consultants understand the requirements of the clients and do a thorough analysis of the business needs.

Maintenance and Support

Once the product is released, we take care of the app store optimization and offer maintenance and support services for future enhancements and updates.


Design and Development

Once the technology is decided, our creative designers create beautiful UI/UX designs to ensure a great user experience. Our developers build the application focusing on the requirements, optimal performance and security.

Quality Assurance and Testing

After the solution is developed it undergoes rigorous testing to ensure that the application meets the QA guidelines and satisfies every client’s business requirements.

Security and compliance

We understand that every business is different and so we address industry specific security requirements and follow business continuity standards from the very beginning.

Cross platform development

With users scattered everywhere and using a wide range of devices, we help clients create apps that assure optional coverage for all their target audience.

Why Partner with Us?

  • We offer end to end solutions for all major platforms
  • All our solutions are customized to suit client requirements
  • We have expertise in varied mobile technology
  • Our designing and developing process elicit your true brand name
  • We have successfully handled various clients from different sectors
  • Cost effective solutions that drive results
  • On time delivery that saves both time and money

If you want to build an innovative mobile app, then connect with us today and take your business forward.

Why Our Clients Choose Us as Their Mobile App Development Partner?

Efficient Project Management

To avoid over budgeting, we create a solid project management plan that helps reduce project risks.

Consistent Delivery

For optimal output, we use proven methodologies and techniques to avoid reworks and schedule slips.

Clear Communication

We streamline communication between clients and team and update all daily or weekly work progress.

Fast onboarding

Our aim is to streamline communication and collaboration and help clients reach out to the market faster.

Scaling on Demand

We help to increase or decrease the size of the team and add resources to finish everything on time.

Our mobile app developers can create

Enterprise app development

With our enterprise app solution, you will be able to raise your employee productivity and make the business workflow more efficient.

Industry specific mobile apps

From retail to ecommerce, we have the capability to create specific mobile apps that meet the demands of your customers and business needs.

Mobile platform with pre made modules

With our pre made modules, like chatbots, data analytics, augmented reality, we help to tailor the features to suit your brand identity.

Mobile App Types that We Focus On


As a leading mobile app development company in India, we create applications of any complexity for B2B and B2C companies. Our clients are from various sectors and it is with our expertise that we create mobile apps for the following sectors:

  • Banking: We create user centric mobile apps with high security and privacy
  • Booking: We help operators solve overbooking, hassles with booking shifts
  • Delivery: Our apps help to boost efficiency and cut cost and automate processes
  • Streaming: We solve issues with app architectures to ensure streaming with no delays.
  • Ecommerce: Our e-mobile apps help to enhance brand visibility and speed up sales
  • Fitness: We focus on data privacy and integrity and keep users satisfied.
  • Healthcare: Our apps help to solve immobility of medical records and insecure data storage

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is a mobile app secured?
    Yes! Since all the critical information is encrypted and personal information is not stored in a device until you choose to do so, your application is safe. Usually the mobile apps are tested and then launched in app stores. So, chances are rare that it will have any safety issues.
  • What platform should we consider? iOS/ Android or both?
    Considering a platform for your mobile app totally depends on your business needs and based on that you can target your audience. Today, you can develop cross platform mobile apps that can target both your iOS and Android platform without any changes in the code. This helps you to target a wider audience base and enjoy more traffic.
  • What does it cost to create a mobile app?
    The costing of a mobile app depends on the type of functionalities and features that you want in it. If the functions are very complex and involves a lot of time then the costing may go high. IDS Logic offers mobile app development services at reasonable price without compromising on the quality of the product.
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