Advantages of Adopting HTML5 Mobile App Development Approach

If you have a business, then you must be aware of the importance of a mobile app development that can help you to target more audience and boost your business revenues. When it comes to creating an app, then there are basically three options that you have before you, native apps, HTML5 apps or a hybrid approach.

Now, the main questions is, what to choose and why? I have been working as a software development consultant for more than a decade and most of my clients are in a confused situation when they have to choose one option. Here is what I ask them to do.

Advantages of Adopting HTML5 Mobile App Development Approach

HTML5 is a promising web based development and mobile app development tool that offers high flexibility and advanced features and functionalities. This makes it a great choice for mobile app developers to choose this platform as it makes them work with ease and at the same time combine a host of advanced techniques that make the application powerful and feature rich.

Here are a few reasons why HTML5 mobile app development should be your preferred choice:

Developer’s ease: A native app offers a better user experience, but it involves more resources to build and maintain. But on the other hand, HTML5 mobile app can be developed faster and it is cheaper to implement.

HTML is a good choice for the developers who have resource and time constraints and want the app to be implemented across multiple devices and platforms.

The learning curve is also not steep and most developers have knowledge on HTML5, so it is easy to start an application based on the client’s requirements.

Cross platform tool: Now business owners always try to create mobile apps that work on various devices. HTML5 development offers the ease to code once that can be run on multiple platforms without making any changes to the code. It is compatible will all the web browsers and so no extra efforts are required to run it.

Instant updates and deployment: HTML5 mobile apps can be easily created and released on the web and they are not dependent of any app store platform in order to host the app. It does not require any approval and this makes it easy to deploy the app in the app store.

Enhanced visibility: HTML5 mobile app development is the best option for single base codes and it also helps to gain better visibility.  Leveraging HTML5 technology is a great way to improve the consumer’s experience and it helps the brands to deliver the users a rich experience across all the major operating systems.

HTML5 mobile app is a good choice to reach out to customers, but it should not serve as a default approach. Your requirements, budget, resource should drive the decision on which mobile app development approach to adopt.

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