How Omnichannel Marketing Helps your Business to Grow

Omnichannel marketing also referred to as cross-channel marketing is everything about delivering a consistent, and personalized branded experience to the customers across different channels.


Omnichannel marketing strategy is just great for businesses to ensure a seamless store visiting experience to customers. A well-developed omnichannel marketing strategy ensures your business gets the desired visibility and serves the client for their specific requirements.

This marketing strategy can help eCommerce business owners put relevant products in front of users in order to entice them for sales. Matching to the expectations of the potential customers is a great way for ensuring the flow of profit into the business.

Omnichannel Vs Multichannel: The Points of Difference

As the name suggests, multichannel marketing differs from omnichannel marketing in its approach of using different mediums (channels) to serve clients. Multichannel experience is much about how different channels work together to deliver a consistent experience.


With multichannel marketing, different channels (may) work separately than the other in order to offer a flawless website browsing experience to the users. There may be separate marketing teams for each channel working separately of the other. This could help design more specific campaigns while keeping an eye on the unique customer journey.


Omnichannel marketing, on the other hand, is the blend of marketing strategy across different marketing channels. This results in an exceptional customer experience.

With the omnichannel strategy, it is possible that business reach to a customer through a PPC marketing ad but in case he/ she doesn’t make a purchase, the same customer could be targeted through other channels based on their earlier level of interaction with the brand. This increases the chances of purchase by the customer.


For customers, this could mean that they can see an ad on different social media channels and can get push notifications about new offerings that are most relevant to them.


Many of us have already such experiences of omnichannel marketing.

For example, suppose you click on an ad through a social media post and you are directed to store’s website. In case, you browse through the website and don’t make a purchase, you might get an abandon cart email with a discount coupon personalized for you on your preferences available on other marketing channels.

In case, you make a purchase you get additional notification of similar products. It is possible that you get a catalogue with an invitation make a visit to the nearest store.

This is a full-fledged example of omnichannel experience that is offered to the customers by offering their preferences through various channels.

This is a great way for brands to showcase their products to the clients with minimum spend and maximum profits.

Omni Channel Marketing: Benefits for Business & Customers

Omnichannel marketing offers several advantages over multichannel marketing. These benefits are not only for the business but also for the customers. Here is a list of all these advantages.

1. A Cost-Efficient Approach 

Because omnichannel marketing is very much efficient for the business, it saves a lot of money. With omnichannel marketing you have the option of using a single marketing campaign on different channels unlike creating individual ones as it is the case with other channels.


Your single digital marketing campaign can be added with responsive marketing automation that reacts as per the interaction of your potential customers.

For instance, let’s suppose, two different customers see a same display ad. One of them make the purchase and other doesn’t. But the latter shows a lot of interest in the similar product.

The approach for engaging both of these customers will differ, as for the one who made a purchase will be sent with first-time buyer special offer for making them a repeat customer and for the one who didn’t make a purchase will be sent with more accurate messages to make them a customer.

2. Better Customer Experience

When customers feel they are being acknowledged by the brand, and their expectations are being cared of, they (customers) make faster decisions mostly in the favour of the business. This saves time for the business and for the customers as well.


With an omnichannel experience for your client, they get their preferences, which is most likely to transform into a purchase. As stated above, omnichannel experience always focuses on offering the best browsing experience to the clients.

3. Increase in Customer Retention Rate

Omnichannel marketing ensures real-time assistance to the users. These customers because of an exceptional experience have a 30% higher lifetime value than others.

Moreover, real-time assistance ensure that the clients are more inclined towards a purchase from you rather than considering your competitors.


Keeping customers engaged to your channel and giving them reasons to come back to your channel through personalized services with the help from a digital marketing company increases the customer lifetime value and thereafter the retention rate as well. In addition to this, an empowered customer support system can help increase the average order value by 50%.

4. Improved Brand Recognition

Investing in an omnichannel marketing strategy means that customers are getting a seamless experience across channels every time they come across your channel.

For instance, if your customers have received a personalized experience on their laptops through your brand, the experience would remain the same for them on smartphones, and tablets too.


Well designed Omnichannel experience works towards increasing the brand awareness for the clients. If your brand is marketed well, customers are very likely to know the brand personality, products, and services. This helps increase the brand recognition among the clients.    

5. More Satisfied Customers

When customers are being taken care of by the brand and always get their preferences listed as soon as they encounter the brand, it offers them a sense of satisfaction that increases brand loyalty as well.


By remaining relevant to the requirements of the customers, it is easier to satisfy their expectations with the brand. moreover, engaging clients by offering them relevant services is a step ahead to create a great experience for them as well.

As businesses spend a lot of money to acquire new customers, keeping their old customers happy by curating a personalized experience for them is always in the favour of the business.

6. Streamlined Customer Journey

For brands, it is important to learn customer’s journey to promise an excellent customer experience. Aligning brand services to suit the specific requirements of the clients is important for offering them a streamlined experience while they encounter the brand services.


The benefit with omnichannel marketing is that it not only helps to curate such as experience for the users but also promises other additional benefits by utilizing marketing channels in the right way.

A thoughtful omnichannel strategy can also offer valuable customer insight that help businesses understand their (customers) journey and deliver personalized experience in a real-time set up.

Final Thoughts on How Omnichannel Marketing Helps Businesses Succeed

Omnichannel marketing is not just ideal for the customers but also for the businesses as well. It gives a complete control of the business to the owners and for customers it is an experience that offers personalized results.


Customers want to purchase products and services at their convenience. Offering them an experience that seems curated for their requirements only can offer a great brand recognition in return.

Today customers use a number of channels to interact with the brand. In such a scenario, it becomes critical to offer them an exceptional browsing experience across channels.   


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