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Are you getting key insights on how good your return on investment (ROI) is on your pay per click (PPC) campaign?

We deliver key insights on how your PPC advertising campaigns are performing in Google Adwords, MSN Ad Center or Facebook pages

IDS Logic, a ppc company in India analyses your PPC campaign and produces reports using key metrics such as your visitors, conversion rates, online sales, average order value, cost per click, cost per sale and most profitable products.

Our reports will also point you to the areas of concerns and offer actionable advice, showing you how to improve your ROI on your marketing spent using our advance knowledge of platform.

Our PPC services include:

Google Adwords:

We at IDS Logic have the expertise of delivering instant traffic by placing you at the top position of the search engines. Google Adwords is the most effective PPC advertising vehicle.

Bing Advertising

We suggest not to stay limited to Google only. With our pay per click services, you can easily get started with your Bing PPC campaign and get the most out of your search advertising.

Facebook Advertising

This is a perfect complement for any search engine marketing and as a premier social media platform our PPC campaign management services can help to spread your message to a wide range of people.

PPC Audits

Our PPC advertising services also include PPC audits that help to improve and hone the marketing campaigns. Our managers will analyze your account and offer advice to boost your business.


As a reliable PPC management agency, we offer complete retargeting services that include campaign development and also the management services. We ensure that the you get the best out of your investment.

Geofencing Ad Services:

Our PPC advertising services also help to generate custom remarketing audiences by using geofences to target the conference and use the competitor locations and etc.
Our Magento Expertise

Why work with an expert PPC management agency?

If you are looking for a fast return on your investment, then you will have to work with a pay per click marketing agency as they have the expertise in creating various campaigns and offer an approach for long term growth.


  • You can easily gain access to dedicated PPC specialists
  • Conduct appropriate keyword research
  • Build a culture of extreme customer focus
  • Create the right Ad copy for higher conversion
  • Accurate tracking of the ad campaigns

Get in Touch with Our PPC Management Experts

Key activities of our PPC campaign:

Strategic vision:

We create PPC strategies that are based on research and aligned with your business goals

Goal oriented tracking:

We adjust the AdWord campaign based on cost, value and quality.

Ongoing refinement:

Our agile methodology helps in campaign analysis, improvement and testing.

Granular reporting:

We keep you informed with detailed reporting about campaign performance.

idslogic PPC Services

The key activities of our PPC management services includes:

  • Initial campaign planning & strategy
  • PPC account creation and settings
  • Advanced keyword research
  • Ad campaigns design & copywriting
  • Landing page design & implementation
  • Google analytics integration & goal setttings
  • Strategic bid management
    <li”>Monitoring clicks, conversions and click frauds

  • Multivariate testing on landing page
  • Monthly performance & analysis reporting

Search Advertisement

This is a technique used by the marketers to connect the searchers with the relevant products and services through online advertisements. It involves advertising through search engines together with their own specific advertisement management platforms like Yahoo advertising or Adwords etc.

Display Advertisement

This is another form of advertisement that involves rich media, banner ads, video, audio etc. The chief purpose is to deliver ads and brand messages to the site visitors and convey business information. This type of paid advertisement helps to promote your business quickly and effectively.

Mobile Advertisement

This type of advertisement allows the consumers to easily discover your amazing products or services through their mobiles. It is the fastest means to catch the eyes of the growing platform of mobile users. Mobile ads put the power at the fingertips of the users and help to enhance brand recognition.

Social Advertisement

This form of paid advertisement helps businesses attract new and potential clients by using the users’ own information in order to identify interest. This is a great means to proactively target relevant customers and offer advanced targeting options by opening the doors to behavioral and deeper interests and even connection based targeting methods.

Our PPC Services

Pay Per Click Advertising or Paid Advertising is the most accountable form of advertising. You can set an exact budget and only pay when a visitor actually clicks on your ad to visit your site.

At IDS Logic, we constantly aim to deliver maximum ROI to our clients by managing and monitoring your PPC campaigns on daily basis. We accurately measure the ROI of each keyword or key phrase you bid for, and then reallocate your advertising budget to maximize the gain.

Our team is highly experienced in PPC campaign management in various industry verticals. We assign a dedicated Account manager to your campaign that manage your campaign on day to day basis and remain your single point of contact.

Paid Advertising Services India

Paid Advertisement: An Opportunity to Present Ads before Potential Customers

Search Engine Marketing can be defined as a practice used to promote an online business by using paid advertisements that appear on the search engine result page. Business owners or advertisers bid on the chosen keywords that users mostly type while searching for services or products on major search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. This gives the advertiser a chance to appear alongside the results for the search queries. This popular technique is termed as pay per clicks and comes in various forms.

IDS Logic, a reputed digital marketing company offers online business owners with the greatest strength of presenting their ads before prospective customers who are ready to take a decision to make a purchase. Paid advertisement is an effective means of online marketing and has the ability to boost your business. At IDS Logic, we offer different PPC campaign management services to our clients so that they can choose the best form suitable for their business to get the maximum return on investment.

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