4 Major Situations when React Native App Development is the Best Choice for You

4 Types of Mobile Apps Where React Native is the Best Fit

React Native is a JavaScript framework which is designed for creating genuinely native apps for platforms like Android and iOS. It corresponds with the mobile app development market needs of today, with two operating systems mainly dominating the landscape. Enterprise willing to create mobile apps often have to take a crucial decision of how to build a better user experience or app that are quick to develop and can also run on more than one platform.

Now the concept of creating apps for a single platform doesn’t sound wise. So organizations are looking for matured platforms that can help them accelerate the process of developing mobile apps while targeting different platforms. React native app components are pure and the functions are without any side effects that return what the views look at any point of time.

It is for this reason that it is easy to write state dependent views and the React Native developers don’t have to care about updating the views when the state changes since everything is done by the framework. Some top React Native applications include Facebook, Airbnb. Discord, Instagram and etc., which have already created awesome apps.

It is true that React native has many benefits for mobile application development, but here in this blog, I will discuss with you 4 major situations when React Native app development is the best choice for you.

Apps that have Streamlined User Interface:

React native apps perform very well on both Android and iOS and their UI is native Java or Swift/ Objective C code that runs on the main thread. Most of the applications including the business logic runs on a separate JavaScript thread and both the threads are super-fast. They communicate via a bridge and passing large amounts of data over the bridges may slow down the app.

But if you have lots of native UI components that communicate with the JS code, then the performance may suffer. So to reduce the performance bottlenecks you need to minimize passes over the bridge. If your app has fewer interactions and views, then React Native app development is perfect for you.

Working Prototypes:

If you are a startup company and want to reach the market fast, then React Native should be your top priority. Creating a solution before your competitors and getting more people to use it and also have the modifications made based on the feedback is essential. This approach allows you to see if your idea is working and if your investment is good. In such cases React Native is the perfect technology, as it allows the developers to build a prototype that works both on Android and iOS.

Unlike hybrid solutions, your application will give test users a truly native experience.

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Developing Cross Platform Applications:

If your application has some platform dependent features like audio/ video and multithreading processing, then choosing native app development is a good choice. React native is a great solution if you have limited budget, but you have a targeted market, which is distributed on both the Android and iOS platforms. So it is here that you can create React native apps and make the interface work on both platforms. The application layout is based on flexbox that works similarly across all the platforms.

Build Apps without Using Heavy Native APIs:

React Native applications rely on native APIs for features like GPS, camera and etc., and to implement them, the developers have to write bridges, and this is time consuming and also requires expertise in native app and again it can affect the performance of the app. If your application is not using a lot of native APIs, then React Native is a great choice.

Thus to conclude, it can be said that React Native is a perfect choice if you want to turn your idea quickly into a cross platform app and reach out to the market before your competitors.

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