5 Best WordPress Development Tools that Will Rule in 2022

5 Best WordPress Development Tools that Will Rule in 2022

WordPress is the topmost CMS that is powering approximately 30-40% websites on the internet. Its incredible range of features and functionality is the reason behind its immense popularity. Whether you want a blogging website or an enterprise-level website, the WordPress development will be the ideal choice to go with.

To simplify the process of creating WordPress websites, there are plenty of development tools available online. They have not only ensured rapid development, but also the faster-time-to-market. This is why more and more people are opting for these tools to get the desired results.

Here are the top WordPress development tools that you should not clearly avoid this year:


XAMP is a shorthand for Apache, MariaDB, PHP, and Perl, and one of the most popular WordPress development tools that is available free of cost. The best part is that it can be installed without any hassle and comes with cross-platform capabilities. It is essentially a suite of software that is required to run the WordPress website efficiently.


With GenerateWP software, you will get a vast range of web-based tools that leverages the users to build numerous WordPress code snippets with ease. It is extremely useful in improving workflow, decreases development time due to intuitive GUI, thus, contributing towards the best development experience. 


Sublime is considered as a reliable text editor that can be used for free. With its amazing feature set like GPU rendering, updated UI, robust syntax definitions, it makes for the effective WordPress development tool. It is best known for its stunning visuals, scalability, and renders an enhanced user experience throughout.


Atom is another free text editor that is cross-platform in nature. You will get a plethora of these to suit your WordPress website. Moreover, it also offers various plugins that will make you work more productively. Some of its amazing benefits are that it is fully customizable, highly extensible, and community built.


Being recognized as a popular JavaScript library, it is primarily used for creating interactive user interface and reusable UI components. It is favorite of the developers as it allows breaking down of apps into different smaller parts. Facebook is the creator of this library that is empowering a lot of WordPress elements.

In case, if you need the assistance in choosing the right tool, you can consult a reputed WordPress development company for the same. You can discuss your project requirements with them, so they can suggest the most suitable development tool for your WordPress website.

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