5 Popular Languages Used for Building Android Apps in 2023

Are you all set to build your Android app? But, doesn’t know the top languages that can facilitate smooth and quick development. You’ve come to the right place! This article will list the most successful languages for your Android app in 2023.


Almost every business has a mobile app these days. One of the biggest reasons behind this growing inclination is that it extends customer reach and serves them better. We are acquainted with the fact that Android OS has a huge market share and rules the mobile app marketplace. It’s a no-brainer for businesses to opt for it for your next project.  

Why Android is Best for Mobile App Development?

With more than 2 million apps, Google Play Store holds prominence in the mobile app industry. This number is enough for you to make the decision of choosing Android platform for your project.

Here is a specific pointer that makes Android an ideal choice for building mobile apps.

  • Less development cost and higher ROI
  • Large market share
  • Improved flexibility
  • Better scalability and versatility
  • Ease of development

Above reasons are sufficient to make Android your topmost choice for building your mobile app.

Which Programming Language to Choose for Your Android App Development Project?

Choosing the right language is not easy due to the availability of multiple options. To help you in the selection process, we’ve highlighted the top ranking languages that can add more value to Android app development.

So, let’s get started!


Java needs no introduction. This programming language has been widely used by developers to build secure apps. It’s simple and offers abundant resources to learn JavaScript. The best part is that it is fully compatible with different platforms and operates seamlessly on any operating system.


  • Open-source programming language
  • Robust development tools
  • Platform independent


Kotlin is now an official programming language for Android app development. In fact, it’s a leading choice of many big companies to build robust and secure Android apps. This cross-platform language is a great substitute to Java and can be compiled quickly into JavaScript or native code.


  • Clean and compact syntax
  • Less development time
  • Operator overloading


C++is a commonly used programming language because it comes with easy syntax and is supremely fast. It has a variety of applications in different industries including gaming, machine learning, and desktop apps. It utilizes Native Development Kit (NDK) to create Android apps


  • Object-oriented language
  • Simple to learn
  • Built-in libraries to improve functionality


Python is an amazing programming language to create Android apps. It offers a library called “Kivy” that contributes to faster app development. With excellent community support, you can get a speedy solution for all your technical issues.


  • Easy to learn
  • Interpreted language
  • GUI development using standard libraries


C# is another popular programming language used for Android app development. Its syntax is closely related to Java and writing code is not a difficult task. Furthermore, it has less chances of memory leaks owing to an effective garbage collection tool.


  • Scalable language
  • Interoperability and updateable
  • Functionality rich library

Why Seek Professional Assistance for Your Android Project?

Still, you are not sure about picking the apt programming language for your project. Well, in that case, a little help can go a long way! You can look for Android experts to keep your project move ahead in the right direction. Based on your project’s requirement, Android app development company can suggest you the suitable programming language. They’ve relevant experience to guide you in the best possible way and ensure success of your Android project.


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