Powerful Tips for Boosting the Security of Magento 2 Store

5 Powerful Tips for Boosting the Security of Magento 2 Store

Magento is one of the best eCommerce platforms for setting up an outstanding e-store with minimal efforts. It has all that features that one would require to grow their eCommerce business effectively. This is why many retailers choose it over other eCommerce platforms for building their online stores.

Since it’s immensely popular, it has become the center of target of the hackers. To prevent your Magento store from malicious activities, you need to invest your time and efforts on Magento maintenance. This is the only way to maximize the security of your store.

Now, let’s check some of the effective tips to increase the security of your Magento 2 store. Here they are:

Upgrade to the Latest Version

When it comes to releasing updates, Magento platform is quite active in it. This is done to provide various performance and security enhancements to the users. Therefore, it is important to stay abreast with those updates, and implement them on time for ensuring the flawless performance of your store.

Install Reliable Magento 2 Extensions

The reason why extensions are so popular is that they’re helpful in extending the functionality of your Magento 2 store. You can add ore features to your store without developing any custom code. Make sure that you install it from the trusted resources like the Magento marketplace to ensure effectiveness.

Create Backup of Magento 2 Store

The hackers are always looking for the security loopholes in your Magento store. If they find any, then it will become easier for them to access your store. It is recommended to maintain a backup of your store. This will make you recover your store easily in case of the cyber-attacks, thus, ensuring uninterrupted business operations.

Activate Admin Login CAPTCHA

CAPTCHA is extremely useful in restricting the hackers from accessing the database of your Magento store. You have to visit the admin panel and click on the configuration settings where you can enable the CAPTCHA feature in your store. This is another way that boosts the security of your store.

Hire Magento Security Services

Maintaing your Magento store on your own is a challenging thing to do. Choose reputed Magento security services that have extensive experience in maintaining the Magento store, and keeping it secure from the malware and cyber-attacks. Do your research online for finding the top-rated services in this domain, and then choose any option.

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