A Look at the New Improvements in Sitefinity 9.0

A Look at the New Improvements in Sitefinity 9.0

If you own a business, then you must be well aware of the fact that it is vital to keep your audience well informed about the services and products that your website offers.

To manage your web content, an appropriate CMS is essential and when you integrate your site into a specific CMS, you have a finite structure that allows you to have full control of your content.

Sitefinity CMS is a great platform for producing and delivering personalized customer experiences through customer journey analysis and optimization.

This robust, easy to use, sophisticated workflow and out of the box functionality of Sitefinity makes it the most preferred choice of all.

With the Sitefinity 9.0 beta version released recently, it is time to take a look at the new enhancements, features and architectural improvements.

What’s New in Sitefinity 9.0 Version

Easy Contact Data Import From Files:

Many times the user may need to upload offline data from the contacts or integrate contacts and events from many third party systems that are not accessible very easily.

They can now use the new CSV File upload connector and this new data source will enable the user to upload contact demographics and behavior by matching the required input format.

Performance and Usability Enhancements: 

Developers can now precompile their work for good content editing experience and faster load time for the users.

Any client components can be used easily in custom designing without any need to activate the module manually as it gets activated by default.

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Multi Page Forms and Multi Lingual Support for Digital Assets: 

With the latest Sitefinity 9.0, content editors can easily split complex and large online forms into various subpages and reduce the dropout rate by the users.

The multilingual version of Sitefinity files also allows powerful control on how the local site will appear.

The new function is applicable for documents and files, videos and also images.

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360 Degree View of Contact Profiles:

In the earlier version, the Contact Profiles in the Digital Experience Cloud used to have a demographics list and an entire list of scoring interactions for all lead scoring types and personas.

The latest version is upgraded to a full 360 degree view and contains a full list of conversions for the contact, the touchpoints that it has interacted with and a full interaction log.

Improvements in Continuous Delivery:

There have been made great improvements to support existing Sitefinity websites and they include the ability to export Dynamic Modules, Custom Taxonomies and Custom Fields.

It also offers an easy option to upgrade configurations locally and deploy to any other environments.

The simple dynamic module configuration management also helps to reduce the size of configuration files.

So, all the above features of Sitefinty 9.0 will make the platform even more powerful that will support the shifting demands in the marketplace.

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