A Useful Guide to the Magento Security Patches

Keeping up the good performance and powerful security of the Magento store is important to make the customers stay for a longer span. Regular maintenance is the key to attain a high-performing store that runs without any security and technical glitch.

“A security of the Magento store is a critical factor that should be the topmost priority of eCommerce business owners owing to the sudden spike in the cyber-attack cases all across the globe.”

If you’ve a store running on the Magento store, then security is something that should be top on your mind. You can install security patches to ensure the maximum level of protection. This task is covered under the Magento support and maintenance to safeguard the store against the cyber threats.

What is a Magento Security Patch?

A Magento security patch is a software update that developers release time to time to fix the security vulnerabilities, and adds new functions to the old software version. It is important for the store owners to maintain a constant pace with the latest security patches, and install them timely to ensure the data integrity.

When it comes to the types of Magento security patches, there are two namely, official and custom patches. Official patches are released by the Magento security center while custom patches are developed by the developers that gets released on the Github.

Importance of Installing Security Patches on Time

Hackers are looking for the security loopholes to hack a Magento store. If they find any, it takes them seconds to access the store and the confidential information that it holds. This is the worst nightmare of any store owner that can cost their business badly.

Despite this fact, there are still many store owners who overlook this thing. This blunder can lead to security risk. Magento developers work relentlessly to release the security patches that will resolve the security holes effectively. You are advised to update the security patch on time to get access to the more advanced security features.

Why Hire Magento Support &Maintenance Service for Security Patch Installation?

Hire a reliable Magento support and maintenance service that can keep a close check on your store to ensure its smooth functioning. Being armed with the adroit team, they’ll deliver the comprehensive maintenance solution at a competent price. All the latest security patches will be installed without any delay to attain the top-notch security.  


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