Advantages and Disadvantages of Using React JS for Your Upcoming Project

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using React JS for Your Upcoming Project

React JS is a latest technology that is used for web or mobile application development. Introduced by Facebook, the technology helps to simplify the development process and offers a comfortable user experience.

React JS is a JavaScript library that combines new ways of rendering web pages and the speed of JavaScript, making them highly dynamic and responsive to the input from the user. React JS development is gaining popularity in the mobile app development world and is used by some of the leading brands that include Apple, Netflix, PayPal and etc.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using React JS Development for Your Business

Advantages of Using React JS

Virtual DOM Makes the User Experience Better:

Document Object Model is a logical structure of documents that are in XML, HTML or XHTML formats. It is a viewing agreement on data inputs and outputs. Some modern web pages are very complex and updating the DOM in a traditional way may cause poor performance.

The virtual DOM can be used to update the small parts of the web app without any effects on other parts of the UI.   React JS increase the speed of updates by using virtual DOM and saves tons of time.

The developers can create isolated React JS components that can also be changed without affecting any other parts of the app. This makes the development process more ergonomic and precise.

It Provides Helpful Developer Toolset:

Developers always love to learn new technologies and use it in their upcoming project. But this can be more interesting if there are libraries and proper tooling for efficient performance.  One advantage of React JS development is its coverage with designing and debugging tools. 

The React developer tools is a browser extension that is available for Firefox and Chrome. It allows the developers to observe the hierarchies of reactive components, inspect the current state, discover both the child and parent components.

Allows to Use React Components Significantly:

Your React JS development company can now create new components for your applications and further reuse the code anytime to create another meaningful time saving effect. The designers can constantly reuse the same assets and this of course increases the efficiency. 

Managing the updates is easy as ReactJS components are all isolated and the change does not affect others. This ultimately helps to increase the productivity.

One Direction Data Flow Offers a Stable Code:

React JS developers can directly work with component as it uses downward data binding. This ensures that any changes in the child structure won’t affect their parents. And this makes the code stable.

Most complex view model systems have a disadvantage that is the structure of the data flow. Here the child elements may affect the parent if any changes are made.


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This issue is removed in React JS development. Instead of using explicit data binding, React JS uses one direction data flow. In this type of structure, the child elements when changed cannot affect the parent data.  In order to change an object, React JS developers have to modify its state and then apply the updates.

Disadvantages of Using React JS:

High Learning Curve:

The learning curve for the users is very high and developers who are new in the market should not start with React JS. Though it offers a very good tutorial, but the environment constantly changes, and so the developers must regularly learn and relearn new ways of doing various things. Since it is evolving at a rapid pace, some developers are not comfortable using it.

Poor Documentation: 

Another problem with React JS development is with the documentation. Different and new libraries often improve the entire React ecosystem, but the developers have to struggle hard to integrate these tools as there is not written instructions or manuals.

To solve this issue, the developers write their own documents so that they can use the tools in current projects.


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