April 2012 Google Webmaster Report

April 2012 Google Webmaster Report

For those of you who are enthusiastically obsessed with Google, a quick insight into all the changes that have occurred in the previous month is here:

• Long Tail Sites Seeing Huge Fluctuations In Google Traffic
• E-Commerce Sites Not Ranking As Well
• Google’s Localization Changed (Google Venice)

The most important as well as influential change that Google has come up with, of late, is the rolling of the Panda 3.4 update (http://www.seroundtable.com/google-panda-34-14926.html)! The recent announcement of Google via Twitter reads out:
“Panda refresh rolling out now. Only ~1.6% of queries noticeably affected.”

An important point to make a note out of this update is that even though only 1.6% of the search queries were affected because of this update, still the extent is large for those hit.

Besides this, the update is precisely a “refresh” and so, apparently, no different signals or algorithm alterations were done to this Panda update.

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