Technology Trends 2019

Top Latest Technology Trends That You Wish to Add to Your List 2019

With the new year just around the corner, we all know that it will come up with lots of latest technologies in the market. Digital transformation is not only a technical shift, but it is an organizational change where technology, people and business meet and which opens up countless possibilities.

Here in this blog, I take the opportunity to discuss some of the latest technology trends that will definitely be a few new additions as we step into 2019.

Technology is the heart of all business and the core of any digital transformation. And these days it is an important parameter in various aspects of the business.

Latest technologies have helped to meet new challenges, increase the experience of the organization and offer a sustainable strength to it. These future technologies will boost the business industry. So it is vital to know the latest technology trends in 2019.

Data Mining and Predictive Analytics: 

The increased competition in the market often forces businesses to adopt the latest technologies that help to offer a more personalized customer experience.

It is by embracing big data and analytics that business owners are now able to understand customer behavior clearly from the heap of data and deliver exactly what they wish for.

The Speed of 5G:

5G is the latest technology in the communication industry and it will be about 100 times faster compared to the present 4G technology and also 10 times faster than what Google fiber offers to home connection. Experts are of the opinion that you can use virtual reality and augmented reality with the 5G speed. This will definitely offer a different experience to the internet users and software developers can also use the new technology app to solve various business challenges.

Chatbots are Great: 

There are many services that can be offered without humans, like job recruiters, loan processors and etc.  Chatbot has created a great impact on the workforce and companies are using delivering clear cut requests when it is about dealing with human emotions that are needed to deliver great customer experiences.

The Blockchain Technology: 

This is the latest technology that is used to store important records by making a chain of data. Since you are not able to change the previous blocks, it makes the information very secure.

Increased security is why blockchain is preferred and that is the reason why it plays such a significant role in protecting the information that is highly personal.

It is used to improve the global supply chain and to protect the assets like real estate and art.

How Blockchain Technology Helps to Prevent Financial Frauds

Cyber Security:

This is an emerging technology that has been around for some time and is evolving like other technologies just because the threats are also constantly new.  The hackers who are trying to access data always try to illegally access data and find out ways to get through even the strongest security measures.

With advancement in hardware authentication, deep learning, cloud technology, cyber security will be able to defend against those hackers.

The above-mentioned technology trends are sure to transform the business world and there are many new trends that will join the game in the year 2019. The technology will also make a smooth shift to the point where the experience will be associated with the customers and the varying devices that they use.


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    Digital innovation can be a hard sell to upper management, particularly in companies with a very financially conservative approach and general suspicion.

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  • Everyone have to keep updated with the latest trends.
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  • I am pumped about blockchain technology. There are so many developers out there putting effort into improving this piece of tech. I still hear many others suggesting it won’t be viable, but the world of science doesn’t seem to work that way. AI took a back seat for just long enough for technology to catch up to the level of the AI dream.

  • Our technology is indeed ever changing and I’m looking forward to these new trends this year. Thank you for sharing!

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