Practices for Developing Secure Custom Web Application 

Security to web apps is paramount. Here is how to ensure robust security through web app development practices.


The trend of using web-based application is continually rising. With the advent of supportive technology, the demand for services from a skilled web development company is on a rise too.

In such a scenario companies need to promise robust security for clients seeking web app development services.

Because web apps have critical business and client information, a robust security is needed to ensure that the data is being kept safe with the required layer of cybersecurity.


Web applications, on a boarder sense form an important part of everyday business. These apps can help businesses target an increasing number of clients through various methods.

Web applications can help interact with the clients to communicate with them, offer product support, and provide customized solution to their specific problems.

Agile Approach to Ensure Web App Security

Agile methodology allows working in small manageable schedule allowing product development and testing thoroughly.

The methodology does allow businesses to collaborate, share progress of the project with others, team up to inform about quick details, and ensure data sharing while working together.


The goal of agile for every web app development company is to deliver a secured application much faster and with fewer error.

Agile methodology itself ensure the development remains error free as agile itself allows teams to course-correct during the development process only.


Agile approach guarantees, the security of the web application has been taken into consideration right from the development phase, to ensure project success. In order to ensure the same, development team will partner with a security team allowing them to find out vulnerabilities through threat modeling.

The threat modeling team takes an extended number of factors into account in order to ensure a robust security.


The factors taken into consideration are:

  • Has the data been encrypted safely?
  • If the password policy is strong enough to confirm security?
  • If there are layers of security provided?
  • Whether or not the application is performing input validation?

Creating regular security checks is important to ensure the development is going forward in the right direction. These small security itineraries ensure the same while saving the time further that goes into testing.


Reputed companies offering web app development plan such testing parallel to design and workflow.

The approach not only allows testing parallelly but also saves time, effort, and resource planning to go back and forth from development to testing as the scope of the project grows further.

Web Application Security Checklist

As you begin the development process with the help of an app development company, ensure the following criteria are being made:

  • Planning the development thoroughly
  • Ensuring services from a reputed mobile app development company
  • Strategizing continuous app security testing in adavance
  • Conducting threat assessment
  • Implementing input validation
  • Using strong password
  • Continuous monitoring for securing vulnerabilities

Why Strong Web Application Security is Critical?

There could be critical consequences of not having web app security in place. Therefore, ensuring the same at the first place is much critical to the business. here are a few consequences of not having a strong web app security in Place.

1. Loss of Valuable Business data

Customers when interacting with the business trust them with their valuable information. This data needs security at every point. Even a minute security glitch can result in compromise with the business data, which may further result in heavy loss for the business and for the customers as well.

2. Decline in Revenue

Not ensuring the safety of web app, customer data, and secured business information will ultimately result in massive downtime, leading to loss in sales and revenue. This can drastically damage the regular ongoing business operations, and the brand loyalty among the clients.

3. Compromise in Client Trust

Web data breach can massively compromise customer data. This critical data can wrongly be compromised against customers. This scenario will lead to a critical situation resulting in customers’ distrust in web app development services.

4. Heavy Business Penalties

Not securing business and client data can also result in heavy penalties for the business. There are standard data security norms that businesses need to follow in the wake of providing security to the business, customer data, and every critical information that must be secured.

Final Takeaway

The dynamics of web development and security practices keep on changing. Ignoring these critical business prerequisites will always have a negative impact on the brand.

Fortunately, there are skilled services available from experienced companies offering a bouquet of security services to ensure brand security and reputation as well.

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