Celebrating Holi to Express the Heartiest Feelings of Trust and Togetherness

What can be a better idea of breaking the daily office schedules and restrictions of our own workspaces? It’s Holi and the time to celebrate the festival of colors and enliven your work. At IDS Logic, we believe that the key to keep employees focused and fresh on their work are timely celebration. It not only lifts their spirits, but also makes them enthusiastic, happy and boosts their morale.

This year too, IDS Logic celebrated Holi with lots of colors, fervor and gaiety. Needless to say, we celebrated Holi in our own style. It is a trend here to celebrate every occasion with colleagues like a big family! The office wore a bright look with Holi slogans and colorful pictures, which helped to set the mood.

After lunch, the Holi celebration took off and employees were just waiting to douse each other with vibrant colors. Soon the environment became exciting and everyone went outdoors to put colors and wish each other a happy life while shouting “Holi Hai”.

Various interesting games were also played in groups and that included three rounds.




The team that scored the maximum was given special gifts. The next few hours saw employees smeared with colors and dancing to the music and having great fun together while clicking a lot of pictures.

As hunger set in; feasts added to the richness of the celebration. Finger foods were served with thandai and special poha and aloo tikkis made everyone drool. And yes! Not to forget those special gujiyas in the shape of samosas, which were in fact something very creative.


The celebration made us realize that festivals can bring joy and fresh energy within the team and it is a great opportunity to know other employees with whom they have interacted over emails or telephone so far.

Wish You A Very Very Happy And Joyous Holi!


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