Certain Things You Need to Know About the Google Page Rank

Certain Things You Need to Know About the Google Page Rank

The Page Rank has been hanging in there since, Google has been there! Still to many, it remains an enigma.
What is the Google Page Rank: It is that deadly mathematical algorithm Larry Page wrote with Sergey Brin at Stanford that is completely indecipherable for lesser mortals such as you and me. It is also reference to the rating a website gets on a scale of 10.
What is the Toolbar Page Rank: It is the ‘unofficial’ name given to the publicly displayed score of the website.
Are you really interested in knowing what the Google Page Rank is? An appropriate definition is given clearly, where else, but at the Google website itself. All the complex mathematical equations are explained and graphs illustrated clearly. Try hard to understand it, for you need a highly developed brain to decipher every mathematical equation stated there.

The Biggest Myths about PageRank
Get these myths out of your head once and for all.
1) Websites do not have a Page Rank! PageRank is apparently applicable top only individual pages and nothing else! Website promoters may brag how high the PR of their website is, but in actuality it is the PR of the Home Page they talk about.
2) The PageRank your website has does NOT indicate how important Google thinks your website is! It is just one of those many factors that the search engine has been programmed to consider whilst indexing your website. It is one of the many factors, NOT the only factor! There are other parameters as well on which your website is judged!
3) PageRank is not the only link related algorithm that Google has. When Google began, this was true. Not there are many other undertones related to this. The developers and mathematicians now use other things as well to index and rank.
This write up should definitely be an eye opener for you. Better you know it well now than lament later!

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