Common Misbeliefs Related To Software Development Outsourcing

With numerous products and services launched in the market every now and then, many people believe that product executives should work and even live in the Silicon Valley. Many also believe that software outsourcing is not a great idea and won’t produce a great product that can last longer. Considering this topic, I have decided to express my own thoughts and bring before you some misconceptions that people usually have regarding software outsourcing.

Business owners often think that it is easier and quicker to assemble an expert team in house rather than to choose a software outsourcing company. But this may not be so easy always and a slight mistake in decision can entirely ruin your dream project.

Cultural and communication barriers may affect the product: Many business owners often have the concept that outsourcing may bring with it communication hurdles as two different cultures might work together. Outsourcing companies in India have at present adopted the Agile methodologies so that they can remain completely transparent and eliminate the barriers and encourage client’s participation. For proper communication they have adopted various techniques like regular messaging, emails, telephonic conversations, online chatting and etc. throughout the whole developing process.

Different process might create confusion: Outsourcing companies in India always follow a standard delivery procedure that combines with some best practices. The best development methodology is adapted to suit the client’s requirements and procedures are agreed upon by both the parties to avoid any confusion. The Agile team creates the entire work process of the project so that the developers, testers and other team members have input into the system.

Developers find it difficult to accept changes: Earlier, traditional development team used to find it difficult to adapt to any unexpected changes in the project, but this is not so nowadays. An agile team offers enough flexibility to manage any changes in the project scope or deadline as the requirements and priorities are frequently discussed with the team. The changes are quickly communicated internally and the solutions discussed with the client.

Outsourcing companies are not interested in new technologies: There are many organizations that believe offshore software development companies are interested in low cost options and are not interested in latest technologies. But this is completely a misconception. Today, the market competition is very high and to survive, it is important to remain updated on the latest technologies and keep on top of trends. Outsourcing companies are great options to hire skilled resources having expertise in latest technologies without burning your pocket.

Not good team players:  This is another misconception that people have about software outsourcing companies. Today, offshore companies encourage their resources and team members to collaborate with each other and yield effective results. Senior members share information and value their team members to provide a comfortable working environment.

Thus, in a nutshell, I can only recommend that an outsourcing company can surely deliver the perfect solution effectively that you are looking for.


  • Great Post!!!!!!!

    Outsourcing software development has proven to be a great success for many companies worldwide. But with this there too are many mistakes that are comitted while applying this strategy. Thanks for sharing these points with us. keep sharing.

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