Common Mistakes People Make Whilst Shifting to an eLearning Environment

Common Mistakes People Make Whilst Shifting to an eLearning Environment

Owing to the number of benefits, eLearning is getting adopted by businesses and the education sector. With the education world, its usage is inevitable due to the highest retention rate of learning.

Talking about the corporate world, they have also realized the benefits of shifting to online learning. Many big names have adopted best practices before implementation of eLearning in their space. They are receiving fruitful results because they have used the right approach for eLearning. However, there is still a big list of companies that have failed to get effective outcomes from the eLearning because of their wrong approach.

Mistakes that People Commit while Shifting to an eLearning Space:

  • Ignoring Behavior of the Learners

This is one of the most common mistakes greatly impacts the learning outcome expected from the learners. Before making a switch to online learning, the first question should be whether the learners are ready for this transition or not. Knowing the behaviour of learners will help in understanding how comfortable they are with the technology. Along with this, you will know their willingness to adapt the latest trends.

  • Selection of the Wrong Software

Today, the eLearning market offers plethora of tools and softwares, which creates confusion in the trainer’s mind while picking the right one. You will have the options like LMS, CMS, Virtual classrooms and many other add-on plugins. It becomes a difficult job to choose the best platform. However, if your needs are clear and have good knowledge about the differentiating factors between the softwares, then you will get the accurate implementation.

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  • Overlooking the Course Design Necessity

People overlook the thing that although goals are similar, traditional and online learning is completely different. Therefore, the course design and pedagogy needs to be particular based on the chosen mode. Even the content format needs to be different to make it useful for the learners.

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  • Creating a Miscalculated Pace

Since trainers are inclined towards saving both time and money, they become extra ambitious while setting up the pace for online learning. As a result, it affects the overall efficiency. So, it becomes necessary to invest a dedicated time in planning and analysing the factors for setting the pace of online learning to attain maximum advantages.

The key takeaway is that accuracy of implementation should be prioritized more while entering into an eLearning space. Also, several other factors like need, goal, and timeline should be considered for the successful implementation of an online learning system.


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