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Connect to Sitefinity Digital Experience Cloud to Enhance User Experience

The digital landscape is ever growing and business organizations are seeking advantages to use various digital channels to propel their business. Many business owners struggle to offer a compelling, relevant web content to the visitors easily through their site.

And knowing what they are actually interested in, whether the information they are seeing is useful or not and what is driving them to convert are some important data points that have to be considered.

Customers interact with the company through a growing number of channels, and they may be moving from their phone to a laptop or a tablet. Creating a seamless experience that offers personalized content is vital to attain the desired business outcomes.

Sitefinity is one of the most popular CMS platforms that has come up with Digital Experience Cloud (DEC) that allows you to clearly understand your audience and the customer journey to optimized end-to-end customer experience while driving both short term and long term marketing goals.


Tracking the Customer Journey:

Recording the visitor’s interactions and their journey on your website has become a vital consideration as it helps to gain deep insights about their behavior.  Sitefinity DEC helps to focus on measuring the quality of each customer’s interaction.

A visitor makes multiple anonymous interactions with various businesses on the web, Sitefinity DEC tracks their online behavior patterns even when they are anonymous. All the interactions get recorded from various channels like marketing systems, CRMs and are pulled for integrations by a dynamic set of connectors and a powerful framework.

Customer Data Analysis: 

Sitefinity CMS and DEC provide a powerful combination and help the marketing teams to track the website visitor’s activities and analyze their behavior so that the marketing efforts can be fine-tuned. Sitefnity DEC measures the impact of marketing campaigns and helps the decision makers with quantifying KPIs, defining the marketing efforts and setting the business goals.

It can also perform serious tracking of your conversions and offer explicit reports, that incorporate the history of all the conversions, assets that drove the conversions, data on specific campaigns and also recommendations from any past conversions to backup any new possibilities.

Customer Journey Optimization:

Sitefinity CMS and DEC helps to turn metrics into actionable insights and DEC extends the solution beyond WCM and helps in ad spending, lead nurturing and demand generation.


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With DEC, you are able to get your most promising leads and optimize those that have not reached their optimal conversion potential.  You can get recommendations on the best actions that needs to be taken to increase your potential conversion rate and also find the customer journey blind spots and optimize the conversions.

Deliver the Best Experience that is Personalized:

With great data insights, you can now repeatedly deliver the customer conversation that will lead to your goals.  DEC helps to integrate audience segmentation and personalization and create real time messaging that will delight and also generate fresh customers and will also allow higher value conversations with the existing clients.

DEC facilitates the personalization features that help study data insights and effectively use them for content targeting.

Security and Compliance: 

Sitefinity DEC gives great importance to security and compliance and the platform invests in four prime areas that ensure the safety of thousands of clients:  cloud operations security, data protection, security by design and standards compliance.


“The DEC adds great power to Sitefinity CMS and helps to track the user behavior at various touchpoints and prepared data reports to create impactful content, achieve individual KPIs and meet business goals.”


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