Create a Bug Free Software to Increase Reliability and Stability

With decades of experience in developing various software applications, one of the most interesting arguments that I often hear from my team is about being confident about the application before its release. I have met many clients who have come to us with the complaint that their previous business solution is not functioning properly due to several bugs in it.


We as developers, often ensure that the particular program, whether complex or simple would be developed confidently using the latest technologies and it would be bug free. But there are several software development companies that do not take this issue seriously and the result is dissatisfied clients.

Creating bug free software is really a challenging task and it involves a lot of thoughts from the developers and many others who are involved in the web projects. To deliver the best error free software, we take care of the perfect setup that involves various development processes and rigorous testing of the application. Since, bugs don’t make customers happy, we at IDS Logic follow certain rules to ensure that everything works fine from the beginning till the end.

Recent studies have revealed that 40% of systems fail due to bugs in the software and 60% fail due to system vulnerabilities and security issues. In this post, I will share with you some important tips that you too can follow to deliver bug free software.

Beta tests and automated tests: Testing plays an important role to maintain the quality of the software. Major releases should always be beta tested by customers or end used and if this is not done, then chances are high that the end user will find problems working with the application. Automated tests can be done to guarantee the functionalities of APIs, user interfaces and application modules.

Code reviews: After the codes are written it should be checked by other developers on a regular basis. Pair programming, where two developers write codes for longer periods is usually not done, but when it comes to complicated programming or security related coding then code reviews can highly improve the quality of the app and make it bug free.

Error reports: If you are willing to enhance the quality of the software then it is important to find and resolve the errors. If any errors are detected in the application than it should be immediately reported and for this you should use automated error reporting techniques. These reports should contain the information to help identify the problem, version numbers, log files and error messages.

Experienced testers: Every software development company should have a team of dedicated testers who can ensure the quality of the software. One tester per developer is a good rule, but for complicated applications, it is better to assign two testers per developer. Yes, it is true that many companies cannot afford a big team of testers; in that case, developers should test each other’s code to attain perfection.

As I already said that it is very important to make your software bug free, these above tips will allow you to create software for your client that is reliable, usable and of course stable.

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