Create A New Classroom Environment with Moodle Mobile App

Create A New Classroom Environment with Moodle Mobile App

With more than about 70% of the global website traffic coming from various mobile devices, creating applications for the education sector is no more a new thing. With business organizations taking varied steps to reach out to more audience, the learning sector has also become active and is into mobile learning. Institutions and workplaces where Moodle LMS is widely used to conduct online courses or trainings, a mobile app is expected to offer a seamless experience to the users.

Moodle comes with a Mobile app that offers a lot of UX, design and performance improvements and the app helps to offer a new look and feel to the mobile website and also makes it easy for the learners and teachers to use it. The official Moodle app version can be easily used to create mobile friendly learning courses that will enable the learners to keep more engaged with the courses as there is a great emphasis on better experience, enhanced accessibility and greater collaboration.

Notification and messages

Moodle mobile app is not only used to carry out learning activities, but it also keeps the users updated with the course, enables mobile notifications, sends alerts to students about calendar events, messages, assignment submission, forum posts and many more. These notifications and messages will help the learners to stay updated and also remain connected with other learners and make learning very engaging even on mobile devices.

How can you customize the Moodle mobile experience?

Accessing the various customization options:
The Moodle mobile app can easily be customized by using the administration settings, but in case if you are not sure about how to access the administration settings, then you can check the Moodle documentations. Any customization option that you choose will be applied to the app when you connect to the site.

Choosing a theme for your app:

If you are looking for a theme that can match your website, then you have a wide range of themes that can be easily customized to suit your web appearance. For this, you need to go to the Site Administration> Mobile app> Mobile appearance and then add a link to the CSS file.

Adding new menu items:

There may be some menu items that you would like to be shown in your Moodle mobile app. You can easily add new items to the apps main menu and the link on the menu can be opened in the same app, embedded browser or the external browser.

Disable features that you don’t need:

This is an extremely important feature that ensures that your app is well customized based on your specific needs. The feature helps you to easily disable the ones that you don’t need and for a stepwise guide, you can refer to the documentation.

Security options:

There may be times when you would like to enhance the security of the app for the users and for this, there is an option where the authorized users have to enter their password once they leave the site. The “force log out” option can be accessed via the administration setting of the app.

 What you can do with your new Moodle Mobile App:

  1. Browse the course content even when offline
  2. Quickly find and connect with people in your course
  3. Receive notifications of event and messages
  4. Easily upload images, videos, audios, files from your mobile device
  5. Check course grades and etc.

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