Do Not Look Further To Improve Your Alexa Ranking

Do Not Look Further To Improve Your Alexa Ranking

Everyone who owns and operates a blog dreams of improving his Alexa ranking. This is a guarantee of sorts to attract more advertisers. The main impediment lies in doing it, for few know the exact way. There are certain tips however, that help determine the way ahead.

1. Try using the latest alexa tool bar. It can be downloaded without having to be paid for. It helps improve your alexa rank. You can ask your visitors to install the same thing on their systems, for that too will add to your cause of seeing an improvement.

2. You can add an alexa rank widget to your blog or website. When a visitor comes and clicks on it, he/she gets deemed as a unique visitor and it again makes your case stronger.

3. You can actively use social media websites like Twitter, StumbleUpon and Digg. They help bring traffic to the website, cut through geographical barriers and locations and again, help add positives to the rank. It is said when more traffic comes from various countries, your alexa rank invariably goes up.

4. Create more and more back links to your website. Higher their number, more your chances of improving.

5. Installing alexa redirect plugins in case of WordPress is sensible, tried and tested. It is a positive step towards improving the rank.

6. If nothing works, become resourceful. Start writing articles which attract users using the alexa toolbar. People interested in SEO and webmasters alike in all certainty are going to install the toolbar on their systems. Write articles which interest them and get them to your website and help improve rank.

7. Spend some money on technology, for that comforting push from the fringe. Try advanced tools like The services may be paid, but come as a good alternative.

You do not have to look beyond these points to improve your alexa rank. Just try them, and see the results coming in.

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