Drupal 8.8 What The Latest Version Has to Offer the Users

Drupal 8.8: What The Latest Version Has to Offer the Users

If you already have a Drupal 8 website and you want the best performance from your site, then upgrading it to the latest version is crucial. Drupal a popular CMS is widely used by business owners because of its rich features and scalability.  Drupal 8.8 was launched a few months back and it has come up with features that contribute a lot in developing attractive website that are at the same time secure and smooth.

A Look at Some of the Drupal 8.8 Features:

The Drupal WYSIWYG Allows Media Embedding:

This is of course a long awaited Drupal feature as media was not handled efficiently by Drupal till the latest version. With Drupal 8.8, this feature has now become a reality and the good news is that the feature comes with complete media management capabilities that makes it easier to embed media for the site builders and the content creators. With the WYSIWYG integration, it completes the final milestone.

New and Modern Administration Theme Claro:

Claro is a clean, concise and responsive theme that comes with an improved look and great web accessibility. It brings a new refreshed design to Drupal and it has been long requested by the Drupal users and the theme has never looked more accessible and better.


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JASON:API is Significantly Faster in Drupal 8.8:

The Drupal 8.8 version has empowered and fixed the issues

  • The normalization of the resource in no more leveraged or shared
  • The Include paths are resolved for every resource in the resource collection
  • The ResourceTypeRepository computed the ResourceType value objects on every request

All these changes encouraged a growing ecosystem of contributed modules and the JSON: API created faster working and communication removing the need for an ad-hoc code.

Configuration Management Improvements:

The Drupal configuration initiative was started from the release of Drupal 8.6 and with the new release of Drupal 8.8, the configuration management saw more improvements. One of the changes that are made is that the Sync directory is defined as $settings[‘config_sync_directory’] in settings.php and the ability to support multiple configuration directs in not deprecated.

Both the Content Moderation and Workspace Modules are Now Compatible:

There is an update for the two modules for content workflows:  Content Moderation and Workspaces. Earlier these two modules created a clash in the latest revisions and displayed only the latest workspace specific revisions. But now the workspace can be published Live without any entities to reach a publishable moderation state. They both can work in sync and create a custom workflow with interesting capabilities.

Jquery UI is Deplored from Drupal Core:

jQuery UI is deprecated in Drupal 8.8 development and this front end library is used to render the user experience components like dragging and dropping, selecting and sorting etc. This was first added in the year 2009 to the Drupal core, but it was not maintained since 2017, which means that people using it were at the end of life of the project. With Drupal 8.8 jQuery UI is doing away, which will allow the developers to add experience components to the code. It will be permanently removed in the upcoming Drupal 9.

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