Employee Motivation Factors

Employee Motivation – Motivation Factors

Motivation works on several platforms and in different aspects of life. Inspiration is something which is mostly self-developed and some other times, If we take corporate field as an example, one of the most important tasks for a manager is to motivate his employees. In fact, keeping the morale high on a consistent basis is not an easy job.

The manager must begin with knowing his employees. It pays to know about the personal aspects of employees including his interests, family, after work routine etc. Inspiring your employees also signifies creating a positive work environment.

A manager should always try to spend some time with his employees. It won’t take more than few minutes per day. But it signifies you are interested in your employees and personally concerned with their well-beings, that means a lot for the employees. A manager should focus upon knowing new things in motivation aspects. Apart from that one should try to know the feelings of employees about his job.

Some points are given below related to the employee’s motivation:-

A Meaningful Job:
A meaningful job is the core to job satisfaction. It has got to do with the job content and how challenging it is We are talking here about not only the employee’s skills and ability to do his/her job, but his talents to apply creative and innovative ways to do it. Therefore, the ability of the organization to maintain a good caliber of loyal employees who believe in the value of their jobs in the success of the organization is considered crucial in enhancing organizational competitiveness.

Fair Pay:
In other words, a fair pay helps satisfying multiple physiological, security, and egoistic needs, even if it can not alone motivate the whole person. The problem lies in how an organization ensures that their pay will be perceived by its employees as fair and competitive. From experience, I can safely say that pay is the most argued aspect of any organization.

Job Security:
A want which is high on the list due to the constant internal and external environmental threats such as the fast pace technological change. In fact, unless any pay level is paired with job security employees will still feel insecure of losing their jobs any time and with them the pay they were getting. Business leaders should formulate some plans and strategies that ensure a good market share and growth in order to be able to at least maintain their organizations existing employment levels.

Attractive Work Conditions:
Working in a safe, comfortable work environment is a strong want. It is driven by multiple needs. People spend at work more than they spend at home with their families, relatives, and friends. A good quality of work life is therefore very important to their well being at the workplace. It also helps in reducing the personal conflicts and condition employees to tolerate more work pressures.

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Nita Agrawal
HR Executive

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