Get to know about the personalisation options in Sitefinity CMS

Get to Know about the Personalisation Options in Sitefinity CMS

In today’s digital environment, companies have to address various audiences and ensure that each visitor on the site sees relevant content that delivers the right information and at the right time. Since it is very difficult to appeal to everyone at the same time with generic information, it is important that you share personalized content to build relationship with your customers and provide them with information that makes sense and is at the same time useful for them.

Sitefinity CMS development is a popular platform that supports personalisation and allows segregating the visitors based on various information gathered. Even when the visitors are not logged in, Sitefinity allows tracking each action they take on the site. This helps the business owners to segment the collected data and target the right segment and build powerful conversations.

Once you have identified the different segments, the next step is to figure out what it is that you want to say and how to frame it to attain the best results. And to support this Sitefinity CMS allows you to personalize separately or even together;

  • Content: media, text, titles, recommendations, landing pages, CTAs buttons
  • Presentation: layout, styling, colours

The elements of every digital experience are reusable, strong and sharable content pieces and the best practice in Sitefinity CMS is to separate the presentation from content so that it can be used across various pages. Again Sitefinity CMS also allows you to add the parameters to the content like titles, descriptions, images, messages, location based CTAs or personal filters thereby making the job of maintaining content easier than creating fresh new pieces for every visitor or according to location.

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Depending on your personalisation goals and scenarios, you can select to personalize the entire page, set of pages or even a part of a page. When a small part of the content is to be tweaked to serve a different purpose or segment, you can easily want to personalize just one or more widgets of a page which is opposed to the whole page. Sitefinity CMS development helps to easily personalize the pages and also the page templates with just a few clicks and almost all the Sitefinity CMS content widgets can be personalized out of the box.

The Steps of Personalisation in Sitefinity:


Define the goals that you want to attain and then plot out what pages you want your visitors to view and what are the resources that you want them to download and etc. You can decide on the conversion means and Sitefinity insight helps by defining the actual conversions.


You can create the profile for your audience and align the marketing and sales goals. Later on, you can leverage these classifications when defining the audience segment and optimize the messaging for them.


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You can create the user segment with the user characteristics in Sitefinity CMS and make full use of the logical operators to ensure that what you have set corresponds to your vision of the user segment.


Consider the areas where you need to emphasize and get creative with the things that you want to show.  In case you want to consider something specific, make sure to first check the personalized content in the docs.


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