Goodbye Knol, Friend Connect, Wave, Gears & More

Goodbye Knol, Friend Connect, Wave, Gears & More

Google is again taking off products that have drawn a lukewarm response. The Google Search Timeline was the last casualty. Now there are more to follow.

Some of the products being taken off are Google Bookmarks Lists, Friend Connect, Gears, Wave, Knol and Renewable Energy Cheaper than Coal.

Google released the following statement. “We’re removing this graph of historical results for a query. Users will be able to restrict any search to particular time periods using the refinement tools on the left-hand side of the search page. Additionally, users who wish to see graphs with historical trends for a web search can use or for data since 2004. For more historical data, the “ngram viewer” in Google Books offers similar information”.

Those interested in more details can see the Google Blog (

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