Google Analytics makes it possible to track links to your sites content

Google Analytics makes it possible to track links to your site’s content

Recently, Google broadcasted that a new feature has been added to Google Analytics; with the help of which it will be easier to assess which other pages on the web are linked to your own website. Thus, making it easier for you to track which are the sites that are talking about your website and in what context.

Here is an excerpt from the Google’s post, which says:

“Have you ever wondered which other pages on the web link to your own? Wouldn’t it be nice to know which sites are talking about your content, and in which context? Well, a problem no more: now you can see all the backlink URL’s, post titles, and more right within the new Social reports.

The concept of trackbacks, a protocol by which different sites could notify each other of referencing links, first emerged back in 2002. Since then, the blogosphere has grown in leaps and bounds, but the requirement for each site to explicitly implement this protocol has always stood in the way of adoption. If only you could crawl the web and build an accurate link graph. The good news is we already do that at Google, and are now providing this insight to Google Analytics users.”

So, if you need to track the links for your website then all that is required, is to go to Google Analytics, then under Traffic Sources > Social > Pages and then click on a specific page. After that, click on the “Activity Stream” option at the top middle portion. Once you do this, you will get an automated report from Google Analytics, which will make you aware of the referencing links.

There is no doubt that it is a nice stride by Google indeed!

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