Google plus- Googles new Social Network

Google +: Google’s new Social Network

Google’s long drawn ambition of having its own social networking website seems to finally achieve fruition. The Google + is ready for web users to explore and register at.

Its user interface seems familiar to regular social network users but would take some time getting used to. Some features seem to be bold modifications of those on Facebook. Though there are some pleasant introductions on part of the strategy team as well.
Google + users will find it easy to add people and then put them into standard and customized groups. User privacy has been given a lot of importance, with all those visiting a profile being highlighted promptly.

End users will be able to filter messages and updates by category. The Homepage has a list one can click down upon and get selective views for each friend group. Google has put 4 navigational buttons here, Home, Photos, Profile and Updates.

The Homepage allows users to make chats through Google Talk or video chat, the latter through ‘Hangout’. ‘Hangout’ is again being said as an answer to ‘Skype’. Its privacy controls and selective group communication tools are very impressive, better than what most others have to offer.

This is just the beginning. More modifications will be made by Google to the Google + in the coming weeks.

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