Google Introduces Real Time to Make Analytics Better

Google Introduces ‘Real Time’ to Make Analytics Better

Real Time is the newest tool introduced by Google as part of Analytics. It shows the number of people visiting a website every minute. It also displays the number of active visitors on that website at the given moment. It eases imposing surveillance on sources responsible for sending over that traffic. Viewed pages, GEO locations of visitors, keywords highly searched for etc. become easy factors to monitor and find out.
The most endearing aspect about this new tool is that there is no need for any extra tagging.

Many feel this new tool will be of no help in getting insights into user behavior. Rather, they presume it may be more helpful to content websites. Publishers are said to benefit highly from this, as they get instant insights into the content which attracts visitors most.
A write up about some well known public figure viewed widely may get added as a featured post on either the sidebar or the homepage.
There are many other occasions where real time data is helpful.

1. It comes handy while verifying the efficacy of an ad the moment a campaign goes live.
2. One gets to measure the social media impact as it happens.
3. The impact cast by a TV campaign can be seen the moment a commercial is on.

‘Real Time’ will be visible on the latest interface of the Google Analytics. It will be installed under the dashboard tab, which in turn very soon is going to be rechristened as the Home Tab.

Google says a full roll out of the same may take up a couple of weeks. Those eager to sign up for the beta version can fill up a form at

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