Google introduces Voice Search and Search by Images

Google introduces Voice Search and Search by Images

Google has introduced two new features, ‘voice search’ and ‘search by image’ for desktop users. At a recent event, the search engine behemoth made this announcement making it clear it has no intentions to stop expanding its web based search service.

The Voice Search feature will be available soon on all desktops, with end users getting to use it on Chrome. Soon, users will see a little microphone in all Google search boxes. Download the Google Chrome 11 and attach a microphone to your computer, in case you do not have a built-in one. Click on the mic placed on the search bar and start talking into yours.
The feature will help those who do lots of hard-to-spell searches, longer searches, searches that require loud talking and searches done without any typing.

The Search by Image feature allows users to upload an image to the Google Image Search bar and ask Google to figure out what it would be. There are 3 ways of doing it. The user simply drags and drops the image from the web in the search box.

The second would be he goes to and clicks on the camera icon, eventually selecting ‘upload an image’. This can be the image which has to be searched. The last one includes finding the image, right clicking on it and selecting ‘Copy URL’, going to and clicking on the camera icon and Pasting the Image URL.

The feature is being rolled out globally in 40 languages. It is applicable in both Chrome and on Firefox.

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