Google Vibration Effect Another New Term in SEO

Google Vibration Effect: Another New Term in SEO

Last time it was BLOOP. This time it is the Vibration Effect!

Apparently, there is no explanation behind this. A thread was observed on which a webmaster poured out his frustration.

He said he got a call from Google and was told that we will not promote the site on Google. Your Site has vibration effect.

So far, nobody has any idea what this ‘vibration effect’ is. Those with some concrete knowledge regarding this are invited to come forth and explain it to everyone.

One doubts the veracity of the comment made by the webmaster. Google could not have possibly called him personally. Is this some SEO Scam? Or is it something everyone really needs to be concerned about?

The ‘Vibration Effect’ seems to have ruffled a few feathers and remains an intriguing concept by far.

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