Google Webmaster Tool Updated for Holidays

Google Webmaster Tool Updated for Holidays

Keeping the festive season in consideration, Google has made an attempt to make its users happy by adding new features and updating the Webmaster Tool, ‘Just in time for the Holidays’. The “Search Queries” and “Links to your Site” features have been updated and announced on Google’s Webmaster Central Blog dated 10 December.

Now users will be able to see search queries for every individual page. Anyone visiting the search queries feature in Webmaster Tools will come across the new tab “Top Page” and will get to create listing pages, impressions, clicks and position data for the top pages on the user’s site based on their performance in Google’s search results.

Clicking for the individual pages listed make the list known to the queries driving traffic to that page along with impressions and number of clicks for each query. By clicking on a specific query, users can see more detailed data and evaluate how each query is performing across the whole site.

Google has also added pie charts to visually depict the proportions of search type, location and traffic to make filtering easier. Also, users can specify “containing” or “not containing” when filtering queries in “Top Queries” view.

Now Finally “Links to your Site” shows where a particular URL redirects, and to what landing page does it take an end user. If URL1 which links to user site redirects to URL2 then the link from URL1 to URL2 is now shown as an intermediate link, it is courtesy because of the changes inflicted. A “Download all Links” option has been added which all the tables in the links to the user’s site feature.

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