Happiness happens by us

Happiness happens by us

When we see people around us we find that some are happy and some are unhappy. Either the people have relatively smooth and trouble free lives or have rough and challenging lives. In both the conditions, we find some people are happy and some are unhappy.All this seems to be proved the truth “Happiness has less to do with the circumstance than with our attitude and approach to life”.

So, we can say happiness doesn’t happen to us, it happens by us. We are the creator of our thoughts and state of mind. It doesn’t mean that we should ignore the painful reality of what happens but understand it and choose our response, at given moment.

Take an example: We can choose to be annoyed, frazzled and furious with demands and pressures of a hectic day, may be feel miserable about the bad luck, colleagues etc. Or, we can call upon the grace of the moment, reminding to stop and breathe calmly for a moment and finding some good things to focus on, something to be grateful for in all these.

It is truly said “Happiness is a habit, cultivate it.” Experience from early life can create habits and patterns that become deeply ingrained, influencing our moods and choices. We should realize that blaming the past or others for our misery, even if partially true can only give us excuses, it will never give happiness we crave inside. It generally serves to increase our sufferings.

It is found that cultivating feelings of happiness results in a biological cycle which is self-generating as much as psychological wellbeing. When we carve out time to go for a walk, or just to the nearest window, pray, or dance or sing along to a favourite tune, or share moments with special people, ‘happy hormones’ flood in our system, keeping us healthy. For this, we need to first accept that happiness is something that is generated from within, and it comes with time and practice. Happiness increases in cultivating relationships. All relational activities and practices which are choose to reach out and engage and which serves others can offer a promising route to lasting happiness. So, we can say Happiness can be cultivated in more positive emotions, more engagement, and more meaning and purpose in caring relationships. We can’t be happy if we continue to search what happiness consists of. If we never manage to be happy with where we are at, we will never be happy wherever we go.

Happiness belongs to the self-sufficient. Happiness adds and multiplies as we divide it with others. Happiness held is the seed; happiness shared is the flower. So, we should always cultivate happiness and make it as a habit.

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