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How DNN Development Is the Best Fit for Various Types of Websites

The prospects of launching a website for your business often makes you feel incredibly exhilarating. Earlier, businesses relied on static pages that were uploaded directly tn the servers to publish the websites.

But with time, technology changed and so did the requirements. Website owners began to use content management systems to handle certain limitations on the ability to improve and scale their web presence. 

DotNetNuke is a popular CMS that allows you to develop and maintain dynamic websites simply by using the web browser. It makes use of the three tire model architecture together with the core framework and offers a great deal of support to the segmental structure.

How DNN Website Development can Help to Establish a Better Brand Presence?

Since it is highly adaptable to various types of businesses, it allows the users to manage their sites even without having a proper technical knowledge. It’s easy and instant editing options of the content present in the website help the users to manage things effectively.

The reason behind DNN’s immense popularity is the high control that the CMS offers to its developers with the various components and different pages. It also offers a consistent user interface experience that allows the business owners to keep more potential visitors engaged to the site.

Rich Features of DNN Development that Helps Various Business Segments:

Module Based Architecture:

DNN CMS comes with different modules that are separate from each other and the hierarchy based architecture helps to create a well abstracted system. It also assists in laying the pages simply by choosing the modules and keeping them in the desired places.

In order to make the changes in the site structure, you can use the drag and drop functionality and this makes the entire website highly customizable and scalable.

Customization Capabilities:

The modules, third party add-ons and many such DNN elements are fully customizable and keep the CMS very flexible and adjustable.  Hiring a DNN development company will allow you to get any type of website with DNN and also use rich extensions or plugins for added functionalities.

Quick Development:

If you choose to develop a website using DNN CMS, then the site will be instantly ready by downloading and running the installer.

This saves a lot of time and the developer can create a new set of features that offer a professional look and feel and work in a smooth and decent manner.

 High Security

DotNetNuke also uses a highly secured architecture that keeps all your data safe from any unauthorized access. This feature helps to have a great control on those who visit the web pages and the ones who edit it. 

Are You Looking to Hire Dedicated DNN Developers?

 Different Type of Websites that DNN can be Used to Develop:

Business Websites

Most of the big brands are using DNN for their business because of the ease to publish web content and have complete control on it. It also offers excellent user experience.

Whether it is a blog, news, landing page, forums or etc. all these can be easily created even without knowing coding. Security and design components of DNN also makes it a preferred choice of business owners.

 Ecommerce Sites: 

Since DNN is a highly reliable, secure and user friendly CMS, it makes it perfect for ecommerce development. The easy integration of layers, modules and skins also makes it unique for ecommerce sites.

 Banking Websites:

There are many banking websites that use DNN platform to create their sites, the reason being that the platform offers a user friendly and pleasant customer experience. The security features also make it safe for banking transactions.

Educational Websites:

Academic organizations prefer to use DNN because it helps to maintain informational clarity that the student need. A person without technical skills can easily browse through the site and check the different categories of the site because of its perfectly arranged navigational features.

Multi Portal Websites:

DNN acts as a one stop gateway to various portals, services and products. Its numerous customized modules and skins help in the creation of attractive and highly functional websites. It also assists the users in presenting a professional image of your company through the site.


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