How Magento 2.0 One Step Checkout Can Improve Customer Experience?

If you have an ecommerce website, then it is very important to improve the user’s checkout experience as this can help you to increase the sales by approximately 20%. Research has stated that business owners who have adopted One Step Checkout have seen increases in their sales.

A study documents that on an average 68% of the shopping carts are abandoned and about 10% are abandoned because of the checkout form, which is too complicated and difficult to fill out and also takes a longer time.

Though this statistic are really alarming, but it is true that people become frustrated if they have to go through a long checkout process. So merchants should understand the fact that people rarely enjoy filling out forms and so it is better to create a checkout experience that will reduce abandonment.

Here in this blog, I will discuss with you about the One Step Checkout in Magento 2.0

Understanding Magento 2.0 One Step Checkout

This is the reason why Magento 2.0 One Step Checkout is of course a smart choice for eCommerce business owners as it brings an awesome experience by optimizing the checkout process in the best possible manner. This allows the customers to quickly complete the transaction. While using it, you can identify the basic difference between the Default Checkout Module and the Advanced Checkout.

The one step checkout offers a single friendly checkout page and all the fields are clearly shown on it. The page is divided into 5 different sections and these include the Billing Address, Payment Methods, Order Review, Shipping Methods and Place Order. Due to the Ajax technology, the entire checkout process becomes dramatically faster and the data also gets updated instantly.

Why it is the expert’s choice?

One step checkout is used to reduce cart abandonment and also increase the conversion rate. Magento 2.0 extension is a well-documented, rock solid and tested extension that provides support in case you have issues.

Ajax technology: Ajax is a modern technology used for the ecommerce store and it can work with a database/ server and there is no need of any post back or reloading of the entire page. Specifically, if the customer updates the address, then the related parts as payment and shipping method will also be updated according to the change.

Google address suggests integration: It helps maximize the benefits by fulfilling the client’s address automatically through Google Maps Suggestion technology. The client will only need to enter some words and a list of relevant suggestions will be shown in the dropdown. Instead of manually typing, clients can choose one from the available options.

Multiple payment and shipping methods: The extension provides multiple shipping and payment methods for store admin and he has the right to choose any methods based on the clients. It is with this feature that many audiences can be approached as there is no bar in the payment. It is also compatible with 3rd party shipping and payment methods.

Auto-update order information: Buyers usually change their order like, add or remove items or even edit the quantities of the products. The checkout process allows updating the order information instantly without the navigation on the checkout page.

Thus, to conclude we can say that one step checkout offers the customers a quick means to complete their transactions that they will appreciate. Since the process gets customers to stay longer on the page and submit their order, this has a direct impact on the search rankings.


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