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How Sitecore Helps to Enhance the Digital Experience of the Customers

Digital transformation is an integral part of the online competitive landscape and today most of the organizations depend on it for growth. 

This means that the companies always have to be on their toes to deliver the best features to their customers and adopt the latest business models when implementing digital transformation in their business.

The digital experience platforms, often become an essential part of the personalized customer experience. In fact, according to a report, by the year 2020 customer experiences will surpass both price and product as the most vital brand differentiator. 

The study has found that the changes like vital switch to digital, the empowered customers and the acceleration of innovation will have great impact on user experience and their expectations.


“Now the question is whether you should create amazing digital experiences for your customers or not and how best to create them?” 


Sitecore is a leading software that is used by various organizations to create personalized and seamless digital experiences.  It is an integrated platform that is powered by .net CMS, various digital marketing tools and commerce. 

Why Sitecore is the Best Software for Creating Amazing Digital Experiences:

Integrating Content and Commerce for Better Engagement:

Content marketing is a vital tool that can help to increase your sales conversion rate to almost six times. The average conversion rate of the sites that implements content marketing campaigns is 2.9 % compared to the average of other sites that don’t follow a content strategy which is 0.5%.

Now keeping this in mind, Sitecore Experience Platform XP helps the consumers to move from the content section of the site to the ecommerce store seamlessly. Users can also add any sales functionality in the middle of the content segment or a company blog. 


“The platform allows the business owners to sell from any source or medium and also helps to personalize the customer experience by offering them a range of products that they are actually searching for.”

Sitecore CMS Functions as an Omni-Channel Campaign Manager:

As per Google, about 85% of the online shoppers purchase on one device and they finish it on another. This makes it very important for the online retailers to ensure that their online experience is well integrated and user friendly.

With omnichannel marketing, this becomes easier and Sitecore CMS supports omnichannel marketing. It helps you to start campaigns that originate from various sites and this means that once the customers reach your site, you can easily determine how you should interact with them. Sitecore website owners can easily identify the purchase behavior of their customers and based on that they can segment their audiences. 

Are You Looking for Sitecore Development Solutions?

Each marketing campaign can be analyzed based on specific codes. You can also check the conversion rates of specific campaigns and based on the performance, you can easily consider improvements.

Helps in Converting More Email Leads:

A great email marketing can have a huge impact on the ROI of a company, however, to produce fantastic results, your email marketing platform should always be integrated with your CMS and the customer database.

Once you have all your data under a single platform, you can give better references to your users. This also helps in behavior tracking. Delivering personalized experiences and segmented targeting of campaigns is easy.

Sitecore development helps to create profiles for potential customers by consolidating all their interactions under their contact information starting from the first point of connection. Sitecore offers an intuitive email campaign creator that enables the users to drag and drop the feature to create campaigns.

Offering modern user experiences often help in sales and growth and Sitecore Experience Platform serves as a seamless digital transformation solution.


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