Maintain the quality of Moodle Courses During COVID19 Lockdown

How to Maintain the Quality of Your Moodle Courses During Coronavirus Lockdown

Creating a seamless learning experience is highly important when the students are scattered in different locations and are accessing the Moodle course from their devices. As an open source platform, Moodle offers complete control of the learning management system and you can easily customize it with the features that are meaningful to the learners and at the same time helps to promote your brand.

Moodle LMS development is used by educational institutions all over the globe to help them deliver fully online courses with the components of a traditional in person class, resources, including assignments and great collaboration, all from a centralized digital learning solution.

How to Balance Your Online Training Quality with Moodle?

We all know that Covid-19 has forced us to start using online means to continue with education and learning and people are embracing e learning for every possible reason to maintain social distancing. With online training options, students are now forced to try eLearning methods than ever before. In trying to meet the latest demands with inadequate resources, it is highly difficult to maintain a quality output, which is crucial to maintain.

Here in this blog, we will discuss how we can balance quality and urgency during the coronavirus outbreak.

There are various things that we need to take care of to maintain the quality, which includes creating new courses, training new faculties, updating the systems and speeding up the existing course development projects. While trying to meet these demands, it is important to think long term as the decision will impact the organization and others in the future. Here are a few extra considerations that can help you to maintain a good balance for quality and experience.

Define Your Present Situation:

Try to find out what is essential and what is good to have. This is what will help you to add to your courses and choose the type of questions that you need, whether the questions should be objective or long, you can ask someone to review them. Next, try to find out the outcomes of the training and if it needs to be edited for online purposes.

You can also hire a Moodle development company to check if the application needs any tools, video conferencing platforms, virtual whiteboards, podcasts or any video editors. Moodle development can help you to integrate them easily.

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Identifying your audience is equally important and you may observe more people as their regular work has stopped due to covid-19 and so you may have to take into account some special considerations like the bandwidth, language and other learning difficulties.

Choose Appropriate Equivalents:

Now that you know the essentials of your organization, it is time to consider how you can transfer all your e-learning activities online. Small or large group discussion that are onsite can be switched to discussion boards or live chats.

Embedded videos or text or infographics, links to the external articles can be used or you can also share the screen on platforms like MS Teams and Zoom.

For virtual mentoring, you can select Skype, Facetime, Teams, Zoom and etc., and have the participants do something in real time and post them on the discussion boards or even have live sessions for small group practice. Some presentations could be recorded and shared in a discussion forum or even done via live video conferencing.

Map Your Moodle Course Content:

It is very important to conduct and audit your existing course content and map it. Do an overview on the curriculum and fix the content accordingly. You need to create small chunks of content that is easy to understand instead of some lengthy materials. A simple strategy to follow is to list the training outcomes at the top of the page and then create a table that includes the online session and the solutions.

This will help you to stay aligned with what you should achieve without missing anything that is important in the process.

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