How to Make Attractive Content to Drive User Attention

How to Make Attractive Content to Drive User Attention?

Business owners always have very high expectations from the latest technologies and a recent survey of about 300 marketers have stated that at least two thirds of them believe that technology can make content marketing significantly more efficient in the life cycle. This is right, but you will only get outstanding results when the most appropriate technology is used to bring more efficiency.

Some marketers spend a lot of their time to track their content inventory and performance metric in the spreadsheet. This involves a lot of work and the reviews are also not sufficient to know what is working and what is not. You could be losing valuable business opportunities to address your buyer’s actual needs. The use of a technology tool that can help to audit your content assets will help to do the work automatically in real time and it will help to stay on top of new trends, shift in buyers’ needs and also manage the upcoming sales etc.

Vision and appropriate information on the site dominates all our senses and half of the visitors are actually impressed in seeing and interpreting what they receive from the site. Interestingly a good content has a direct impact on what we feel and to a great extent responds to different visual triggers. Good content helps to grab the attention of the audience and educates them with a minimal time investment and make you feel better for having engaged.

Identifying the right content Do you have any idea what type of content you have that can be used? Are they based on latest information or do they need some updates to support the customer journey? Understanding your basic requirements and creating content according will help your business perform better. Unless you do a full content audit, it is difficult to move forward effectively. So, make a list of your business objective, purpose, messaging so that it is easy to identify the knowledge gaps.

Use an authentic story:  Your content should be supported with organizational message and make sense in the larger scheme of things. Using a good content management system can help you to add latest messages and blogs to your site and you can share some positive customer reviews or anything that says about your organization’s history and also some relevant content in light of your ability to execute.

Choose the right technology:  It is easy to publish good content and the trick can be done again and again easily. Selecting the appropriate technology for your website will help to manage the content needs that is easily searchable and manageable with version control and can also be retrieved so that it can be used. Choosing Sitefinity, DotNetNuke etc. and integrating CRMs like Salesforce, where content can be easily pushed will help marketers to have an easy access to the content that they need. But before you choose a technology, ensure that the entire organization is committed, else all your best plans will fail.

Use qualitative and quantitative testing: Since everyone has a different opinion of how content should be presented on the site, it is critical to test content performance. But the key to success is to optimize the content process and ensure that you are constantly improving the quality of it over time and keeping the site updated. It is a good idea to set up a group or panel to conduct personal interviews to ask their likes and dislikes and the reasons behind their purchasing decisions. With quantitative testing like subject lines, design, color, media type, you will obviously have a clear picture of how to create better content for your website.

Good communication across all your teams It is important to make sure that functional and productive content is not produced by separate teams. This will only lead to duplication and conflicts and will ultimately confuse the customers, which will lead to losing business opportunities. So, coordinate among your teams, so that your content reflects that it is from one organization that is reliable and trustworthy.


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