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How to Optimize Your Ecommerce Site to Increase the Conversion Rate?

Having a website is crucial for your business and creating an ecommerce store is essential for survival. We all are aware that today’s consumers want information on their fingertips and with an ecommerce website, it is very important that the store is highly optimized and properly aligned as per your business goals. And for And for ecommerce development, it is very important to use analytics that can help you to identify the areas that can enhance the conversion rates of your website.

Analytics are the backbone of any great tests that you need to conduct and it reflects so much information. But using the information to the fullest for the best benefit of your store is very important. Here in this article, we will discuss the three most important places to look in your analytics report that will surely help you to improve your ecommerce conversion rates.

Site search:

This is one of the most important reports for an an ecommerce development. The report can offer you great insights into what your customers actually want and which pages are not meeting their needs. it offers you great details about the pages where the visitors began the site search and this means that your visitors are unable to find what they are looking for in your website. Once you have identified what your visitors actually want and where they want the things, you can easily place them accordingly to make the purchase journey smoother.

Another search report is the “usage” report. Usually those who use the site search, convert 5-6 times more than that of the users who do not use site search. So, optimizing the page with what your visitors are looking for will enhance the conversion rate of your ecommerce store.

The tests that are inspired by the site search reports:

    1. Search result page test: Consider your page and try to find why people are not converting. Once the reason is identified, business owners can easily work on it and boost their site.
    2. Content/ product test: Based on the report, you can place relevant content on your most searched pages. People using internal search specific keywords can get amazing results.
    3. Personalization test: You can use personalization tech to show the search terms related to the product on the pages for return visitors.

Exit pages:

The reports will outline the top exit pages of your site. And you may find your home page on top of this report also. This does not mean that you should immediately start testing your home page. Beside the home page, you should consider looking for pages that has a high exit rate. It can be “your cart” or “contact us” page.

Important tests that are inspired by the exit report:

  1. Headline or call to action test: People might exit from your ecommerce store simply because they are unclear about what you have to offer them. An appropriate headline or call to action can help to increase the clarity and decrease the exits.
  2. Content layout test: You can test your content layout to ensure that the most important information is placed appropriately in the page, for example, a horizontal layout may create problems to the eye whereas a vertical layout gives the visitors clear instructions about the products or services.
  3. Exit overlay test: It is true that people will leave your website, but it is important to get the most out of them. For someone who is about to leave your cart, a simple “Are you sure” is enough. For someone who is exiting from a general content page, a newsletter form may be a good option to turn them into a marketable lead.
“In short, I would recommend that it is very important to analyze your reports so that you can make the essential changes in your ecommerce store and boost your conversion rate.”

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