How to Reduce iOS App Development Timeline and Reach the Market Quickly

How to Reduce iOS App Development Timeline and Reach the Market Quickly

Mobile application development has become highly popular and is a must for every business whether it is an emerging startup or a well-established level organization. Having an app helps to reach out to more audience and also offers a clear insight on how the marketing strategies can be improved. With two most important platforms the iOS and the Android dominating the market, mobile app developers are also planning out a long term strategy for the business.

But simply planning will not help as the estimated timeline of the app development too has to be decided so that your application can reach the market on time and your project is completed within your budget estimations. Since the longer the app development takes place, the higher is the cost associated with it. So it is crucial to understand that creating a strict development timeline ensues that you put the right foot forward and boost your chances of success in the competitive iOS app development market.

How to Reduce Your iOS Mobile App Development Timeline?

The first and the most important thing is that if an idea doesn’t get written down then it doesn’t get built. It will probably be developed differently than you would expect and once your requirements are not met completely, the entire effort will get wasted. So, as a business owner, it is your duty to get the things written down and share your vision and also carefully check that it has been understood by the developers clearly.

Take the MVP Approach:

Adopting the MVP approach involves launching the iOS mobile app that has just the core functionalities and features. This version is designed to contain only the must have features within the app and the ones that are aimed at offering value to the customers. Any additional features can very well be added to the app in its subsequent versions and updates. Once the proof of concept has been set via the MVP, the development can very well take place in the second stage.


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Choose Building a Cross Platform Development:

It is true that many business owners try to focus on a specific platform like iOS development and Android separately. By creating a cross platform app, you can save a lot of your crucial time as it allows for code sharing so that you don’t have to create two different development teams separately for both the platforms.  Cross platform app development needs only half of the time and even the resources and this reduces the time to market penetration of the app.

Automate Whatever You can:

Automation to a great extent helps to remove the repetitive tasks from the software development and ensures that the time taken for the iOS mobile app development remains short. By automating the testing phase of your mobile app, you can ensure running the suite of tests, which would have taken up crucial hours of development time.

Prototype Your Product:

Creating a product prototype offers the app designers and the developers to create a template that they will need to follow while working on the app idea. Your app can be as simple as drawing of the app features and pages on the paper or even creating a clickable prototype, which gives a high level design insight which is made by using some tools. The prototype acts like a map that the designers can follow while integrating some features and functionalities in the app’s user interface design.


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