How to Setup Google Analytics Intelligence Alerts

How to Setup Google Analytics Intelligence Alerts?

Google does a lot of things right and Google Analytics that help monitor your website traffic is definitely one among them.

Google Analytics is a free and powerful website statistics gathering application. If you run a website(s), you are probably using Google Analytics to measure your site traffic.

Google Analytics just added a cool new beta feature – Analytics Intelligence.

Analytics Intelligence constantly monitors your website traffic for you and it automatically creates alerts for in intelligence reports if something significant happens with the website traffic. Analytics Intelligence is powered by a sophisticated algorithmic intelligence engine that detects any anomalies in traffic patterns. It’s supposedly smart enough to spot a part of a larger trend that could be hard to detect.

You can see this action under the Intelligence (beta) tab in the left hand side. You might have noticed it already as it just came into my account in the past week but I just got a chance to investigate it. You can set up your own custom alerts for changes that you want to detect. Like changes in page views, visitors, bounce rates, new visitors, etc by day, week or month.

You can also copy existing templates to quickly create your own custom templates. If you have setup goals to track your landing page conversions, you can also setup alerts to get notified of sudden changes in goal conversions.

You could opt to receive alerts via email or you can just login to your Google Analytics account. Google Analytics has been a reliable source of my website stats and it’s great to see improvements being made to this already valuable free resource.

You can also change the alert sensitivity via a slider if it gets too annoying to see too many alerts or increase it if you like seeing them.

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