How Umbraco 8 CMS Just Got Better with Content Apps

How Umbraco 8 CMS Just Got Better with Content Apps

Umbraco is a very popular CMS and is known for its great flexibility and editing experience. It is a top Microsoft’s open source installation and has been the CMS of choice for thousands of websites ranging from startups to large corporates like Heinz, Mercedes and etc. If you have a business, you must have heard about Umbraco CMS development and the latest Umbraco 8 offers immense flexibility, great intuitive editing experience and a friendly community.

Umbraco 8 is the latest version and it has introduced three significant features that are infinite editing, language variants and content apps. The CMS interface has become even clearer than Umbraco 7 and for the developers, it has carried out a massive clean-up of the codebase. So, here in this blog, we will discuss more about the content apps in Umbraco 8 development

Understanding Content Apps:

In order to increase the focus on content in Umbraco 8 CMS development site, a new extension option is available which is called the Content Apps is introduced. Content Apps are available as part of the content nodes, thereby making it easier to use while you create, publish, edit and update the content of your CMS website.

A Content app is intended to help you have a wonderful editing experience that means that a Content App is not directly a part off the editing experience, but it can offer you some information and feedback on the content that you are creating. It can also offer statistics and results of the content that you have published and bring suggestions on how it can be improved. Content Apps will be a content companion that will save you time and also support you to create better content and prevent any mistakes from happening.

How can You Start with Content Apps in Umbraco Development?

In Umbraco 8 development, you will easily find the information regarding Content App available for all your content nodes, and the Info app replaces the old information tab of Umbraco 7 and offers the information with links, history and status of the search content mode. With the introduction of Content Apps in the Umbraco framework, developers can now build their own app and also make it available as an extension. This means that the content apps usage depends on your business needs.


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Content Apps in Umbraco gives you the possibilities to add the helpful insights apps for the editors and in integrated part of the CMS and invites the users to use their creativity to make these apps go live. 

Some functionalities of Content App:

A content app can be anything that can be related to content creation in Umbraco.

  • Support the tools with the information and analysis of the structure and composition of the content.
  • Analytics integrations for details regarding adoption, audience and engagement.
  • Information from 3rd party applications related to the content
  • Workflow support tools that help to guide an internal process for the content creation and review.


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