Important ASP.NET Aspects That Every Software Developer Should Understand

To create applications that are efficient and easier to use and maintain, developers should have good knowledge of the framework that they are using. Adopting the best coding practice techniques and tools help to develop business solutions that prove to be beneficial for the organization in the long term.

However, I have been wondering about the sort of questions that potential employers might ask before hiring an ASP.Net developer.

In this blog, I will cover some of the basic things that every ASP.NET developer must know while developing a business software.

Garbage Collection and IDisposable:

An important feature of developing applications using the .NET framework is the little effort that you need to put into garbage collection.

Developers don’t have to take care about the 1st/ 2nd and 3rd gen collection cycles, or de-allocation of memory. This is a very important point and every ASP.NET development company should understand how it works.

Once you have gathered experience, you can quickly learn more about the memory management. Failure to unsubscribe from any events, keeping hold of big objects or even failure to close streams may result in Memory leaks or crash.

“A useful method of ensuring that all the managed resources are cleaned up properly from time to time to implement the IDisposable interface on your objects. So, it is very important for ASP.Net developers to know how this works before implementing it.”

No SQL Databases:

If you consider that SQL server is the be all and end all, then it’s time to reconsider, as the tech world has moved.

Though I am not saying that companies are not using SQL server, as it will always play a major role in the industry, but NO-SQL databases are gaining popularity because of their ease of use, general speed, and some scalability benefits.

“It is important that you understand RavenDB, Windows Azure Blog Storage, MongoDB and etc.”

Hoisting and Closures: 

ASP.Net developers need to have a wider range of skills to remain competitive in the market. It is just not enough to know SQL, C# mentioned in your CV.

Today, employers are looking for all-rounders with skills that include CSS, JavaScript, TDD, AngularJS, KnockoutJS and etc.

Be sure to understand the concept of Hoisting and Closures so that there is no confusion when you have to implement them.

Understanding If the String is a Reference Type or a Value Type:

This is the one that many developers in software companies operating from India, UK, US may dread the most.

A string is a reference type, but it acts like a value type and unlike most other reference types, the string is immutable, which means that the object cannot be changed.

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Whenever you call a method such as the Substring or Remove, you will create a copy of the string with the new value. The original string stays intact until it is de-referenced.

The basic reason is because the size of the string means that they are big to be allocated on the stack.

Here in this blog, I have considered only a few concepts that the .Net developers should understand. Though there are many other simple concepts that need to be taken care of, .Net developers should know their language and their tools thoroughly to ensure that they have every chance to complete their project efficiently.

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