Important Changes in ASP.NET Core 3.0

Important changes in ASP.NET Core 3.0

Asp.NET is a popular web application framework that is developed by Microsoft to enable the programmers to create dynamic websites. It helps the users to use a wide range of programming languages like the C# or VB.NET to easily create web applications.

ASP.NET core is an open source and cross platform .NET framework that helps to build modern cloud based application on Linux, Windows and Mac. It has come up with changes in different ways how projects work with frameworks. The .NET Core integration will also bring in third party open source integration:


A Switch from .NET Framework to .NET Core:


The .NET ecosystem has three high level components: .NET Framework, .NET Core and Xamarin.

The .NET framework supports Web and Windows applications. You can use the WPF, Windows Forms and UWP to create Windows applications in the .NET Framework. It is a good choice when your developers have little time to learn a new technology and requires a stable environment to work with and are already working on some existing apps and also extending its functionality.

The .NET Core is a cross platform framework that helps to create applications for operating systems that include Mac, Linux, Windows and it supports the UQP and ASP.NET Core only, and is used to develop browser based web applications.

This is a better choice when you want to create apps for different OS and have a great interest in learning new things. Since the platform is not fully matured, it may need some modifications and changes.


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The .NET Framework will have fewer platform and language features that come to .NET Core in the future releases. This is done so that the existing applications in the .NET Core doesn’t break due to certain changes.

And to leverage the rich features of the core, ASP.NET Core will now run only on the .NET core from version 3.0. and customers who are using it on the .NET Framework can continue till the LTS release support period till August 21, 2021.


Delivering More Support and Value with 3rd Party Open Source Integration:


The .NET team is making a clear distinction between what makes the platform in 3.0 and is also removing the 3rd party components from the layer.

Many high level scenarios are assisted by capable and well supported open source components and proper assistance will be offered to the community and the customers and ensure that the components integrate well with the ASP.NET Core applications.

The support will be available in different forms like integration of APIs and packages, contributions to the existing libraries, project templates, documentation that are on the official ASP.NET Core site and helps in dealing with errors, critical challenges and security.


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