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Important Design Strategies That You Should Incorporate in Moodle LMS Course

Attracting the interest of the students and maintaining it all throughout the training experience is the core aim of every academic organization. But engaging the students in interesting and fresh ways can be a challenging task in the online arena.

Since student’s engagement is crucial in e-learning domains and it this that ultimately decides the effectiveness of information retention knowledge transfer, it is important for business owners to ensure that your learners don’t feel burdened with the learning process or shows the slightest levels of disinterest in the course.

Here in this blog, I will share with you some important design strategies that you can use in Moodle LMS to keep your students well engaged in the course.

Select an Appropriate Course Format:

Once you have decided on your course, choose the best Moodle Course Format and then start building it.  There are various formats available in Moodle development that helps to select a layout that best fits your course. Some of these are:

  1. Weekly Format: This is the format that is used in most schools because it is very similar to the physical classroom experience. The course has a section for each week, assignments, relevant reading and etc. and can be placed in each week’s block. This is a good option as it ensures that the learners consume the information at the same pace and same schedule.

  2. Social Format: If your course content is free, then social media format is the best choice. It creates a message board that helps for discussions among the learners.

  3. Topic Format: Moodle developers in India can organize your course content around the specific topics, with a section for each topic. This is a great option if you have many topics in the course and the format gives the students’ freedom from all other topics that are not mandatory.

Add Videos to Your Moodle Course to Make it More Attractive:


“Videos are always programmed to retain the visual content better than any page that are loaded with words”  


Videos are very powerful and can be used in Moodle LMS. It helps the students to easily catch up on any missed lecture, sometime later.  A video together with some written content helps the students to better understand the concept.


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Although it is recommended to upload the videos to Moodle, but at times it may take a lot of space and so they can be uploaded on YouTube or Vimeo.

Select the Best Course Activity:

Choose the activities that will keep your learners engaged with your Moodle online courses. An activity is something that the students do which helps to interact with other students or teachers.

With 14 varied types of activities in the standard Moodle, they can be used creatively to engage the learners. Some activities are:

  1. Lessons: It is the most powerful activity for interactive learning and presents content in a series of HTML pages.

  2. Assignments: It helps the teachers to easily provide a feedback to the students who can submit the work in a digital form.

  3. Forums: It is a great means to engage the learners and can promote collaboration and communication and start a simple discussion helping students to gain confidence.

  4. Quizzes: Moodle development also helps to add quizzes that present the content or even review the content through multiple choice questions.

Choosing the right Moodle course design strategy helps to make the course interactive and also supports learning through various activities that the student has just covered.



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