Important Plugins to Use with WordPress Development

If you are a WordPress developer, then staying up to date with the latest development is a must. Though there are various reasons to love WordPress, you can’t beat the feeling of using the latest plug-in and instantly transforming the way your website functions. With each technology, developing at a rapid pace, the WordPress platform is no more behind the others. But the fact is that many developers are still not using the plugins and they have not got the desired exposure. I have decided to change this.  Here in this Blog, I will discuss with you some important plugins that will help you while developing a project in the WordPress platform.

Logaster Logo Generator This is an online service that is used to create logos and corporate identity. You can enter your website’s name and the plugin will create dozens of logos that are saved in the media library. Since they are fully integrated, you can easily add them to the home page, article or any theme.

WP Property This plugin is developed by the same people who brought the WP invoice. As always, the system is customizable, integration I seamless, the functionality is rich. This is in fact a full suite of plugins and you don’t have to download a plethora of other plugin, with the hope of all working well together.

Flash Video Gallery Plugin With this plugin, you can easily create a nice gallery of video for your site. It is extremely quick to use and you can easily add the url of your video and Youtube url and that is all that you need to do. You can configure the module according to your needs and then add titles, image in thumbnail, choose the color, text format, number of rows of thumbnail and lot of things more.

Fanpage Connect This is a plugin that helps you to create and administer your Facebook fan page from WordPress blog.  With one click, you can now leverage the world’s most powerful blog engine and maximize your business or brand exposure with Facebook. With this plugin, give your Fan Page the look and functionality that WordPress offer without all the coding.

AD Code Widget This allows you to place a banner of any size into the widget ready bar for WordPress. You can easily paste Javacript, HTML and IFrame, or even PHP code without any problem. The ad code supports multi widget option and you can add more than one banner to the sidebar.


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