In-Page Analytics - New Google Analytics Tool

In-Page Analytics – New Google Analytics Tool

In Google Analytics reports, sometimes it gets difficult to see how visitors navigate on a given website page. To make this visualization easier, some users keep the website open in another browser tab so they can mention it while looking through reports. The new In-Page Analytics tool is almost similar to Site Overlay hat has now been removed from Analytics. As it is admitted by Google Analytics that site overlay “hasn’t worked as well it could”.

In-Page Analytics is currently in beta, so it’s not considered to be a full release. So few things in the report may not work perfectly yet. In-Page Analytics can be navigated much like your site i.e you can click on any link from your homepage. Once the new page is loaded, the corresponding data will be shown for that page.

In-Page Analytics is currently available for all English users of Google Analytics. It is good news for webmasters and people looking at site architecture. It is also invaluable for people that are particular about site usability and keep tracking how different visual configurations may lead to improved click-through-rates and sales.

In-Page Analytics is a report available from the Content section of your Google Analytics account.

Contributed by:
Archana Bhat Mantoo
Internet Marketing Manager

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