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Pay per click (PPC) and Search engine optimization are two parts or components of search engine marketing. The main purpose of search engine marketing is to increase the popularity of a website or number of websites by improving their ranking on search engine pages and to attract more users to explore the site as per their demand. PPC management is a good option when you have to advertise your website on the internet and you require making a payment only when a user clicks on your website to view it.In PPC advertising, advertisers depend or target keywords which a user would definitely look for on a search engine and in turn be directed to the relevant website. Another name to such advertising is Sponsored Links. These links also happen to appear on content and ad networks such as Google AdSense which only displays ads which are relevant to the keyword or page results. Many organizations are into this business section like Microsoft adCentre, Yahoo Overture, Google AdWords, etc. which have only been increasing ever since. Both the factors ultimately lead to the betterment of your business. However, there is a catch; why should the end customer be a part of your PPC Management Campaign ? It’s a clear and simple logic to understand and respect the fact that in a B2B and B2C scenario, the end customers ask this vital question – “What’s In It For Me?” Why would a business model, or for that matter a customer take his/her time out to click on the landing page of your marketing promos/campaigns and make you rake in the money? Unless there is something good for them too! And how will the customer get to know that such kind of a campaign exists? That’s the time the steady balance of successfully integrated SEO and PPC campaigns becomes a powerful option.

In a lay man’s language, it’s just like a good bakery. There is a group of people marketing the various items offered by the bakery and there is a group of people who are actually baking those items. There should be a proper understanding between both of these departments to actually come to a conclusion, how to make the most out of it. If the marketing group announces that they are concentrating on baked chocolate items then it becomes the responsibility of the bakers to concentrate on chocolate items, as good as possible. And it also becomes the responsibility of the marketing people to give as much coverage as possible to baked chocolate items. So when a customer looks for baked chocolate items, then he/she should be driven to the bakery’s site automatically (thanks to the efforts of the advertisers or SEO people) and then ultimately click on best of the baked items stuff (decided by bakers and finally implemented by marketing) to go for it!

In the end, if you are leveraging both PPC and SEO, you should be thinking about how you can improve the overall performance. And one sure way to do just that is through integration. PPC as well as SEO gives good results when used in the proper way and will definitely yield a higher success rate in the marketing field.

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