Internet Marketing- Out of Choice or Out of Space

Internet Marketing: Out of Choice or Out of Space?

This is not a line being quoted out of a Dan Brown novel. It is an observation, an existing trend that cannot be avoided, overlooked. “Internet Marketing offers unlimited space”. In fact, the space is huge, more than you can even imagine. But should that be reason enough to arouse greed and make you cover everything? The answer, even if brings disappointment, is a big NO! Space availability does not mean lapping up everything that you feel like getting your hands on.You will have a lot of choices. One of them is to consume up every available forum. No Sir, deal not done! Use only those where the impact and shock value generated by your product is huge. The rest becomes meaningless. When you go overboard, you inadvertently vilify the product value of your service. It gets projected as a victim of the greed inside the advertiser, wanting to have a shot at everything. ‘The More, The Merrier’ is passé. ‘The Less, the Better’, is the latest. Nobody has the time to go through a whole promotional campaign that seems to have been inspired by the Bible and its huge excerpts. Plus, you don’t want something you have worked really hard for to end up being identified as a cheap marketing gimmick.

Space is there for consumption. Forums are there for being used. But letting that greed for more marketing and promotional space is poison. It becomes venomous for the product. Relevance is important. All relevant forums: blogs, threads, chatting rooms, video and photo sharing sites, opinions portals etc., looped into the campaign should be pertinent to the product promoted. Smart users in an instant draw a parallel between the two media and make out in a flash whether it is a ploy echoing greed or something that instigates intellect. They do not have to struggle too hard to gauge the authenticity of the promotion. What appeals to the eye is fine, but the charade cannot be concealed for too long. Remember: ‘Real Eyes Realize Real Lies’. Consumers have those Real Eyes. The very intention of conning them is callous, and it duly comes back to sting.

Space is huge, but should be used minimally. In this space age, the lesser would be better. A glance at a campaign oozing appeal is enough to gratify and compel. No need to do anything that than. Just catch the eye, and you catch the Big Fish! You can sit back, relax and let the good times roll after that.

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